Covid Swabbing Swab Test Area at Baguio Triage 2021


1. Get medical certificate at your brgy. This is not a covid test. It is just the basic medical certificate that you have no fever, cough or cold, etc. 

2. Submit the medical certificates to PNB and ask for a Travel Authority. 

3.Fill up an application form for travel  at Baguio website. You will state your travel reasons there and it is for approval. They will let you know if you can proceed to Triage

4. If you got approved, you can now go to Baguio, upon entering the city, there are 2 stopovers which I believe they call- Traiges. It is a border control, so there’s still a chance that you will not be allowed to enter. It looks like an immigration. We waited there for at least an hour each. There are facilities such as X-ray laboratory (I just learned that it is one of the ways to find out covid symptoms hehe), swab testing area etc. just in case the tourist visitor should be tested. You will have to pay for the tests. They said that swab testing is around 1,300.00 (not so sure about this), and around 300 or 500php for the X-ray.

There are 3 steps booths in every triage, but I wasn’t able to know all the  details since my brother and my sister in law was the one who completed all these :D As you know, I am pregnant and I just had to stay inside the car and look for the kids :) But I tried my best to know all the information for you, my readers who are asking about this! I hope you find these informations helpful! :)

5. Once you passed the triage, welcome to Baguio! They gave a small leaflet with reminders, and its the pass that you should show to brgy officials just in case. 

6. You also have to fill up the health declaration form in their website. So make sure you have a data! :)


Yay! My favorite wedding blog(well, lahat naman), the leading wedding blog in the country, has featured our family's most important events in life! Our Civil Wedding and Athena's Christening! <3

I am one lucky girl because I get to experience a decent and beautiful civil wedding even before the pandemic. And my husband promised me the grand church wedding after 5 years! It's been 2 years since our civil wedding, so yeah, 3 more years to come and wedding bells again! 


For the record, I am posting this feature in my blog. It's been a long time since my last feature and I was surprised that someone got interested to create an interview article on how I bought a beach lot!
Read to know how and I hope that I can inspire you. <3


Woah, just 2 months only and we're done wit 2020! How time flies so fast. And this pandemic taught us so many lessons. It also affected my businesses so bad because 1st, my store, Bride and Rose is a brick and mortar store located in a mall, and the malls got shut down for how many long months. 2nd, gathering was forbidden, so my Events Styling business- Shabby Chic Style Studio got affected too. 

The pandemic gave me so much struggles most especially in dealing with the clients who wanted a refund. Little did they know, we, suppliers, are much more affected than them, because this is our bread and butter, while, they can re-schedule their events. Fortunately, it is stipulated in my Terms and Agreement that we do not do refunds. 

With these, I had to be strong and stand up for my rights. I didn't let these kinds of challenges to put me down, instead, it helped me improved and made my Career Principles, stronger. 

This pandemic also made many people, almost everyone! Becomes a Young Entrepreneur. All kinds of business are online now, even frozen meats! That's why I decided to write this article to give tips or inspire those who are now in business or into handling clients. 


It's been almost a decade since we started the belief that we are one with nature. Before the lockdown has started, we are exposed to nature at least once a month. I lead and teach meditations in team buildings- and we don't travel just for recreation. We travel and expose our bodies to nature- to meditate, to reflect, and to refresh our minds. And while on the road, it's my hubby and I's chance to talk about our relationship, life, plans, and goals. And we call these an ESSENTIAL. 


Belief is something that is so morale that even government rules have considerations and exemptions. It is said that "Persons aged below 21yrs, 60years and above, are not allowed to go out EXCEPT when going out for essential." As I have said, being exposed to nature is an essential for me, and my little family for almost a decade now. It's a practice for us to bathe in the sun and breath fresh air for at least once a month. And it's been 6 months already that we're locked up in the 4 corners of our cement house and I am already feeling sick. Athena's first beach trip was when she's 4 months old at Pagudpud. And she's been consistently exposed to nature at least once a month since then. And I believe that it's one factor why she's so strong and she  never get sick or confined/hospitalized. Being exposed to nature makes our immune system stronger w/c is essential to fight the corona virus.