Boracay and Palawan is Borawan Island in Quezon Province

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Hello everyone! Just 3 days ago, I was in one of the wonderful paradises here in the Philippines. And I am blogging about it today, in contonuation of my post here:

I want to make my blog as updated as I can so I will blog latest updates and at the same time, one at a time in my thousands of backlogs... Duuuhh I stopped blogging for 2 years! Been to hundred places already! Keep in touch! Deal? :) 

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Borawan is 20mins away from the beach in Padre Burgos and this blog post is a continuation of my blog post about Padre Burgos beach, here: so if you want to know the whole story on how we get here, please click the link :) 

The rock formations is somehow like those in El Nido Palawan while the sand is almost as white as in Boracay and the sea is as blue both in Palawan and Boracay that's why it was named Borawan. 
It is a very relaxed and serene small island. You could camp, swim, and could even do some rock climbing. 
Ohhh cutie little Coby. Like mother like son eh? This photo is a proof how my Coby enjoys the beach life as much as I do :) 

We had our breakfast here and we didn't stay much longer because I have a Trishie Couture show to run on the evening and it will take us another 7hours drive to get there. So stay tuned on my next blog! 

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