September 20, 2017

Metropolitan Theatre Manila, A Structure That Ended It's History.

This huge architecture was inaugurated on 1931 and just like the Manila Central Post Office building, this building was also designed by famous Filipino Architect Juan M Arellano – now considered The “Father of Philippine Architecture”.

One of my Architecture mentor mentioned that the theatre was already declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo back in 2010. During its Heydays, the theatre can accommodate a maximum of 1670 which includes 846 people for Orchestra followed by 116 in Loge and 708 in the balcony.

Today, it will cost 200Million Pesos to bring this back to life. Hearing the cost of construction and learning about the structure, I didn't second think that it should be restored. There are a lot of many things that we could improve and use that large amount of money and this structure is not worth it for it because it is not even a tourist spot. It is not a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE that should be taken care of for the rest of our lives and up to the next generation. There's no mystery about it. It's not that too historical. And besides, I've read somewhere before that a structure is not defined on how it was built, but it was defined on how and why it didn't last. It didn't last, and then be it. It should remain as it is. There's nothing much important thing that needs to be preserved. It doesn't embodies Filipino Culture. There's no even crime or mystery that needs to be solved in there. And there are a lot of theatres today that we could use even if MET is not present anymore. And I bet, even if it's already restored, it will still not be a tourist spot in our country. It's just a small piece of structure and there's only small percentage of tourists who are interested in Historical sites-and it's not even a Historical site for me. Wit all due respect to MET's Architect Juan M. Arellano, duh, what is Angkor Wat then if MET is a Historical site? Let's just give the consequences to the people behind it's decay. There are these responsible people who should made it last, but they didn't do their job. And now we're giving them a huge favor? Again, I bet, the money will be just enter the corrupt politicians pocket. And it's a major no no no for me!
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