The Longest USA Visa Interview

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Bragging my 10 years multiple B1/B2 or Business and Tourist Visa! 😍😍😍
I'm bragging this because I've spent my whole life for getting this piece of paper! And after almost 20years of trying and failing, I finally succeed! 

American Dream Come True! I'm going to Harvard!!!! 

Thanks to everyone who prayed with me... Super lakas ng power of the spoken words!! 
Thank you Lord! You're the best!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Sharing with you my USA Visa interview experience ❤️❤️❤️

Consul: Ok maam what's your purpose of visit?
Me: I was invited to attend the global leadership program at Harvard
C: Can I see the invitation letter please
Me: Sure, here
C:Thanks(he gave back the letter)
Your explanation of Visa denial before is very long, please give me a minute to read it
Me: Haha! Yes because I've been denied to get a USA Visa for so many times before! Hehe
C: Are you still affiliated to fashion industry?
Me: No not anymore because I find the income small but time consuming...
C: Let me see your invitation letter again
Me: Sure. You can check their website if you want... 
(he gave it back again) 
Me: Thanks
C: For how long are you a member of this organization?
Me: I'm not a member yet, I actually applied for it and then I passed. I need to get there and have the training for me to become an official member. I'm one of the few who passed. And I believe that I am the very first Filipino who passed it. 
C: What airline do you plan to use? 
Me: Philippine Airlines
C: When do you plan to go to USA?
Me: Hmm, on April 12 I plan to leave manila and then have a connecting flight to London and then arrive at USA on 14. Because the training at Harvard is on April 15 to 18. 
C: Oh so you're going to London...
Me: I'm a traveller and I want to maximize the time of my travel. I love connecting flight, I won't really be actually going to London, just a connecting flight, you know, I just want to have a glimpse of it even for a while. 
Do you want to see my itinerary?
C: No thanks. Do you have a Schengen Visa?
Me: None, but based on my research, I can be a transit visitor if ever that I'm granted a USA Visa. So it's not sure yet, but that's my plan, if ever that it is possible.
C: What countries have you been to?
Me: Hmm, I've been around Asia... Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Sabah Borneo, Taiwan, Japan, and Cambodia (buti na lang Cambodia last ko na nasabi because....)
C: What did you do in Cambodia,
Well, it's my family's favorite country because of the history. My family loves history. The family that I'm referring to are those who are in USA, we travel and meet there and in other countries. We explore the temples, we rode a helicopter, and the best experience is that we rode a Hot Air Balloon! Uh, we also ate exotic foods and enjoyed the night life at Pub Street. We've been there twice last year. 
C: So some of your family is in the USA, how did they get there.
Me: Hmm, I'm still young that time, my mother went to USA when I was 4yrs old. She's a writer, and she said to me that she's a great woman that's why she easily passed the USA visa interview. My sister is a manager at Philippine Hardware house...
C: Hmm do you still have a siblings here?
Me: Yes, I'm the youngest, and the one before me, my brother is here. My father is also here and my other siblings on his side. You know, my siblings from my father only.
C: Please give me a minute
(And then umalis sya. Mga 3to5mins siguro un na nawala sya. Matagal rin)
Then he came back...
C: How much is your monthly income?
Me: *** thousand including all of my businesses. I have a salon and an apartment as well. Do you want to see my portfolio or my bank accounts?
C: No thanks. What is your product?
Me: It's a 100% organic detox and mineralizer. It's a discovery, it's a calcium montmorillonite, that will benefit all the living things in this world. It's a product that can be use both internal and external that can solve more than 15 kinds of problems.
(He's reading something...)
It's first in Asia and it can only be found in the Philippines. The mineral already exist in USA and Europe. If you're familiar with 
Re***** , that's a famous product in USA that is the same mineral... But we sell it cheaper here in our country.
(He nods)
C: What's the name of your product again?
Me: It's Terrestrimin. My father made the name. It's the name of the 3 girls in the family, my mom Teresita, me, Tricia, and my sister, Min. 
C: Can you spell it?
Me: Tango Echo Romeo Romeo Echo Sierra Tango Romeo India Mike India November
(Silence again and he's reading something again. Maybe he googled it)
Me: Oh, my father discovered the mineral. Because he's a vegetarian. 
C: May I see your pamphlet? 
Me: Sure, what do you want? I have many flyers. We have a flyer for spa because we also supply for spas and...
C: Just one of anything you have there.
(I gave the flyer for first aid.)
Me: We are also planning to promote organic spas here in the Philippines because we don't have it here yet.
(He's looking at the computer again for some minutes of silence then I talked)
Me: Philippines is a very rich country. But only a few can see it. There are only 3 mountains that produce that kind of mineral. One in Europe, one in USA, and the only one in Asia and it's in the Philippines.
(He's nodding)
We're planning to market it in the whole Asia. 
And then... The magic word!!! 
C: Okay maam, you're visa is approved.
Me: Thank you so much!!!!
I was speechless! I go right away in so much excitement... 

The interview normally takes 3minutes. I think that they found it hard to decide if they are gonna give me a visa or not because 3 of my immediate family members are living there... My previous visa denials before was a big deal as well too... But just like what they've said, "Honesty is more important to us than anything else"... 

Grabe, nung bata ako, angsakit sakit sa pakiramdam na paulit ulit kaming nadedeny, and our reason was to see our mom there na may sakit... Aasa ka na mkikita mo na mom mo, and makakapunta ka sa States. I even tried to get a Visa alone like 4years ago, but I still failed. Nagka-troma na ako sa pagasa at pagkuha ng kahit anong visa sa totoo lang... Alam mo un, ung feeling of failure or rejection or denial or hope na mapupunta sa wala... I've experienced those feelings many times since my childhood na di ko pa dapat nararamdaman coz I was just an innocent child. Na hangang sa nagdalaga ako, naranasan at naramdaman ko pa rin. Getting a USA Visa, It's not a walk in the park. It's a very long journey sa buong buhay ko, and it finally ended up today. And I am so grateful that I've been denied for so many times because it made me tough and strong. And my beautiful life today will definitely wouldn't be like this if ever that I've been granted a USA Visa before. It is really true that everything happens for a reason and na darating ang tamang oras para makapunta ako sa USA. And finally, this is it! 

See you on April Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico and more!! 

Ugghh I missed solo traveling! Hello Adventure!! 2016 is definitely my year!!


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