It's been almost a decade since we started the belief that we are one with nature. Before the lockdown has started, we are exposed to nature at least once a month. I lead and teach meditations in team buildings- and we don't travel just for recreation. We travel and expose our bodies to nature- to meditate, to reflect, and to refresh our minds. And while on the road, it's my hubby and I's chance to talk about our relationship, life, plans, and goals. And we call these an ESSENTIAL. 


Belief is something that is so morale that even government rules have considerations and exemptions. It is said that "Persons aged below 21yrs, 60years and above, are not allowed to go out EXCEPT when going out for essential." As I have said, being exposed to nature is an essential for me, and my little family for almost a decade now. It's a practice for us to bathe in the sun and breath fresh air for at least once a month. And it's been 6 months already that we're locked up in the 4 corners of our cement house and I am already feeling sick. Athena's first beach trip was when she's 4 months old at Pagudpud. And she's been consistently exposed to nature at least once a month since then. And I believe that it's one factor why she's so strong and she  never get sick or confined/hospitalized. Being exposed to nature makes our immune system stronger w/c is essential to fight the corona virus.

Hello everyone! It's been awhile again since my last blog entry. But today marks exactly the first day of our "Bride and Rose Interior Renovation". Hence, this blog post.

It is not my first time to do a renovation,  I always renovates my room. And I had my first boutique, Shabby Chic Style Studio, last 2014. I can say that I have experience. I know the basics, I know the "palitada" of walls, repainting jobs, tiling jobs, drills, fixtures, mechanical(ACU), electrical(I designed the lighting of my first boutique) etc.  I am even a valuable member at Home Depot Balintawak- and they labeled me as an Architect as I was an Architecture Student way back 2014.

Shabby Chic Style Studio Construction Malabon Branch

Shabby Chic Style Studio Construction Malabon Branch

Shabby Chic Style Studio Construction Malabon Branch

Since I had experiences in building and renovation, I thought this venture, Bride and Rose, would be easy. But boy! This is the most challenging, excruciating, tiring, and the most terrible test of patience that I encountered in my life, hence, it couldn't skip a blog entry. I will highlight(bold) all the old and new important terms that I learned, through out the journey, that you need to take note. I hope this blog could help future business owners, contractors, or Architects of a boutique that will be located inside a mall.

"The capacity to Learn is a Gift. The ability to Learn is a Skill. The Willingness to Learn is a CHOICE" -Brian Herbert

I blogged about SOFA- School of Fashion and the Arts. If you haven't read it yet, click here.  

It is true that I love learning! It is one of the investments that I am not hesitant about. 

This time I will be blogging my experience at Enderun Colleges. There's no such degree for becoming a Professional Event Planner. But there's a thing called "CMP" or Certified Meeting Professional, an initials that can be added into you name just like the MD for doctors. Of course, you have to be a real "Professional" by obtaining that. You have to take a course, and pass the exam! 

How Did I Overcome Quarantine Anxiety?

by Trishie Dela Cruz, 12:47:00 PM

Around almost 2 weeks ago, I've written this on my Facebook's wall:

QUARANTINE ANXIETY(Speaking my mind) 

During the first weeks, I was calm and staying positive in this quarantine. I looked at it as an opportunity. Did a house general cleaning and was able to update some business stuff and all that. I embraced the fact that I could finally rest myself in the world- with a perfect excuse. But as it takes longer, I am getting more and more anxious 😞

SOFA- School of Fashion and the Arts' Short Courses

by Trishie Dela Cruz, 6:17:00 AM

Hey girl boss! How are you? Finally I'm back! If you're a follower on my instagram (, you'll know that I was revamping my blog! After some reviewing about htmls, I finally did it! 

I was also thinking anout what to blog, then suddenly, I came accross on my instagram feed planning post, and this photo was next on the boat. So yeah, SOFA-"School of Fashon and The Arts"I was in my high school, I always dreamt of studying here.