October 4, 2017


Last Thursday, we had a quick and biglaang getaway at Pilillia Rizal. We met someone at Tanay Rizal so we decided to drop by and have lunch at Pilillia Wind Farm. There's nothing much to do here but if you opt for a relaxing good view and eat a nice food, then this place is for you! You don't have to go to Ilocos for a windmill photo opportunity. All you need is just 1 and 1/2 hours drive from Manila!

September 26, 2017


It was almost exactly 1 year ago when I went to San Francisco, but I never had the chance to blog about it huhuhu... So, it was my 2nd time in the United States at year 2016 and that time, I visited West Coast. I stayed in Los Angeles at my sister's house but I visited San Francisco and stayed with my auntie's house. I took a grey hound bus from 10pm to 5:30am. It wasn't my first time taking a long ride bus since I already took a bus from New York to Chicago, thus, it was an easy ride for me. Grey hound busses have wifi and plugs that's why it's so convenient.

September 20, 2017


(Photo Caption: My colleagues discussing something outside Fort Legends Tower)

It was a cold October night, I was wearing an all black attire, a black turtle neck top, an A-line skirt, a textured tights, and a mid cut boots, and topped it off with a black women's Americana. It was a very special day because of a special announcement to my small company. I was running late- the red lights of the queueing cars on the road are flashing through my eyes; yeah, it was traffic as hell! I was looking around the streets and enjoying the lights of the buildings; the people are all dressed up (maybe they are going for a night out), some are wearing corporate attires and maybe just finished their corporate jobs. There are also families- I guess they are heading to Serendra for some sumptuous dinner... These people are adorable! I remember way back time, may be 5 years ago when I was 18 years old, I was a party girl; and Embassy, turned Encore, and now Valkyrie, was my favorite gimick or night out spot because I feel like I am so "sosyal" when I ak there, mingling with other high end people who are just strangers hehe. It was a world class club! BGC is a place for rich people(not a place for me hehe). Ferraris, Lambos, and many sports car are easy to spot. High End restaurants are scattered around. Oh, Bonifacio Global High Street is indeed the most beautiful urban development in Manila. At least I could say that somehow, we have something to be proud of when it comes to sky scrapers.

Is A Community Design Has A Big Effect in A Drug Related Crimes?

War on Drugs is such a very serious topic around the globe. Not only in the Philippines and 3rd world countries, but even in the richest countries in the world. This war started a very long time ago, not only during Duterte's administration, but it's already an issue that cannot and could never be resolved, since way back time.

Metropolitan Theatre Manila, A Structure That Ended It's History.

This huge architecture was inaugurated on 1931 and just like the Manila Central Post Office building, this building was also designed by famous Filipino Architect Juan M Arellano – now considered The “Father of Philippine Architecture”.

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