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DAY 1 
2:00am Departure to Bataan
(we did some several stop overs that's why it took us 5hours. But if you will drive straight to the port without any stop over, it will only take 3hours from Manila)
7:00am Arrival in Porto Del Sol Bataan
7:20am Departure to Laki Beach Bataan (Boat Ride)
8:00am Arrival in Laki Beach Bataan 
We prepared the tents, picnic mat, and everything the moment we arrived. 
We ate our bread and "palaman". Make sure to bring or make baon of those for convenient eating. 
Since all of us came from work and doesn't have a sleep yet, we alternately had a short sleep from time to time. 
Maybe made by the destiny, we forgot to bring our cooking tools! That's why it was a challenge for us to make an improvise cooking materials, hence the title: Surviving Laki Beach Mariveles Bataan. Sure, it made more fun and it's a hella experience for everyone! It needs a lot of team work, but we survived! 
11:00am Lunch is ready! :) 
3:00pm Swimming in the green and crystal clear beach of Laki Beach Bataan
7:00pm Dinner is ready!
8:00pm We drank some beers on the shore of Laki Beach Bataan.
There's no ice anymore so we opt to drink on shoreline because of believing that the beers will get cold if we put in the beach haha! But honestly, it didn't >.< 
11:00pm Continuation of our drinking session in our campsite. 

Meet the "Survivor Laki Beach Bataan" Team!
Dom, Errol, Benj, Dhonz, Roda, Flamingo Floater, "Going Mary" Floater, and ofcours, Your Classy CEO  aka The Queen! hehehe 
8:00AM Breakfast 
11:00AM Brunch 
12:00NN Laki Beach Bataan's "Tangos" or Cove tip adventure. Do not miss this part! This is where you could take plenty of picturesque photos! This is where the rock formations and the natural pools are! Make sure to bring your camera, and make sure to dive on the natural pool because what you'll see underneath is amaaaazing!! Too bad we didn't bring our underwater camera that's why I didn't have the chance to take a photo of it :( 
2:00PM Cliff Diving Adventure! 
We walk to the other side of the cove tip and you'll see another rock formations and you could do some cliff diving! :)
3:00PM Pack up 
5:00PM Our boat men fetch us going back to Porto Del Sol port. 
6:00PM On the way to Manila :) 

Buy your floaters at Sétish Collections

•Our budget is 1.5k each, we are 6pax
•At first, I was disappointed when we are about to reach the cove because what I've seen in the photos are super white sand! But, don't expect too much, it's not! However the sand is so fine and it's like the sand in Puerto Galera so it's still acceptable :)
•The sand in the port is black
•Laki beach Mariveles Bataan is owned by the Gonzales. They also own the Camaya Coast. It was not open to public before only this Summer 2017
•Just search "Porto Del Sol" in your waze app to reach the port. Choose the route where you don't have to pass SCTEX so you can save some toll fees. 
•We did not opt to do some cove to cove hopping experience because it will cost you some additional bucks, but you can actually just walk in the shores to reach it
•Don't forget to bring your cooking ingredients because all of the merchandise in the stores there are so expensive! But I understand it because the travel of the goods takes effort and bucks for the boat's gasoline
•Bring sandals so you can walk comfortably and safely on the rock formations.
•Bring a source of light because there is no electricity nor any lights there yet. Yes you can opt to make a bon fire, but you will still be needing a light while preparing for it. 
•Bring a plenty of mineral water if you are picky. Or buy Terrestrimin Detox Powder  t Lazada(Just search Terrestrimin) so you can opt to drink the water provided in the island because Terrestrimin is a powder that can fight the bacterias in the water, therefore, the tap water would be safe to drink. Bring plenty of soft drinks because again, goods are so expensive there. 
•Opt to pitch a tent on the left most part of the cove to enjoy a view of both a river and a beach. The downside is it is far from the comfort rooms. But if you are like me who always choose to use the nature than the public comfort rooms, then this part is the best! :) 
•There are no fresh fish available for sale. (I told this because one of our plans is to buy fresh fish caught in the sea by the fishermen and we will eat that for lunch or dinner. But there's none)
•There are a lot of sea urchins on the rock formations and natural pools
•There are comfort rooms available.
•There is a 100php entrance fee per head when you reach the island
•Sometimes, the owners close the island/cove for private use without any notice. Sad reality. So, if you want to make sure of your travel, you can book with DLC Backpackers Travel Expert and we will provide you the lowest price of boat rental for only 2,400php good for 10pax. You can also rent a boat in the port but it will cost you more. Minimum of 2,500php and above depending on your negotiation with the operators.

Will I get back again at Laki Beach Mariveles Bataan?

Definitely yes!! I would love to bring my family and friends here. What I love the most is that it is very laidback and untouched. There is no establishments yet, and the water is so crystal clear and clean! You can even see fishes on the natural pools :) 
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