20 Facts About The Classy CEO

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I posted this around 3 years ago. And it's a good article to introduce myself into this blog :) 


1. My closest friends and relatives call me "tricia", "tring" or "teresing"  

2. My shoe size is 4.5 and my height is 5 flat. I love that my shoe size is too little so no one can borrow a pair from my shoe collection. Haha!  I'm morena, and my eyes doesn't have the same size. "Kirat" for short. And I love em'!  The only insecurity that I have in my life is my feet. Tried a lot of products but it's still ugly. Huhu 

3. I'm lazy but I love to do productive things alone. When I say productive, it means small things that when combined together is a one great thing  Or something I do that I will learn from. Yes, Alone  I believe that we have our own ways and perception about being hardworking, matured, and responsible. I still believe in "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE" though 

4. Unlike the usual girls, I don't love chocolates, softdrinks and junk foods ever since. But I'm addicted to Maltesers and Hershey's cookies and cream! It's an exception.  I love strawberry-flavored chocolates though. (ex. Knots Berry Knot) Not the real strawberry fruit  
I EAT LIKE A MAN. I love rice. I love filipino foods  They said that I PUNCH LIKE A MAN too! Well, maybe not as strong as a man, but it says that it's unusual for an ordinary girl to punch like how I punch. Hihi. 

5. I have 6 tattoos and all of them have a meaning in my life. And for me, it's an art and expression of feelings  

6.I love to learn new things. I LIVE to LEARN... No. 7 onwards will justify it.

7. I won a series of poem writing contests, quiz bees and declamation contests during my gradeschool days  I was once a choir at St. Joseph chapel way back 2006 I think. Oh, my voice was categorized as a soprano  But I don't have confidence in singing. I'm shy... 

8. I was a member of a volleyball varsity team during my 3rd and 4th year in HS-Notre Dame of Greater Manila. I'm a proud DAMER!

9. I experienced to ramp on a runway when I was 16 to 17. I did random extras on TV shows and a TVC(The bar summer commercial). I am a cheerleader of the Mapua Cheerping Cardinals. Before that, I studied gymnastics, ballet, guitar and piano/keyboard... But I'm not a master of any of those... 
Oh btw, I used to play lyre (The usual drum and lyre band thingy that you can see during a parade) when I was gradeschool... I also played drums (drum set talaga ha)   

9. Next: I want to have a voice lesson and learn how to play a violin. My boyfriend gave me one[violin]. Hihi. (To play a violin is my childhood dream)...
Soon, I will also study a KRAV MAGA - A self defense.

10. I'm a blogger. I became featured on Candy Magazine! Hihi. And I wrote for a magazine thrice even if I do grammar mistakes some times.  Yes I admit that. So what? I love to express my feelings through writing... In fact, I am currently writing a BOOK.  A book to empower those who are in need.

11. I studied FASHION DESIGN at FIP. Launched my own couture line last 2012 but designed my first gown for my Super Sweet Sixteen Party way back 2009  Fashion is definitely my thing  But I admit! I once became "jologs" and "baduy" way back time. Haha! 

12. I spend most of my free time reading random articles, facts, history, science, religions or anything under the sun. I even read about the life of mosquitos and ants so I'll know how to avoid them. Even read and understood illuminati without any reason at all.

P.S. I read novel books as well, such as the twilight series, gossip girl, fifty shades of Grey etc. But I prefer HARD COPY BOOKS than e-books. I love to collect EDUCATIONAL BOOKS most esp. when it's about architecture or fashion designing  Yes, I have a book shelve in the house 

13. I was a transferee from La Consolacion College to Notre Dame of Greater Manila during the 3rd year of my highschool and made it to the Cream section during my 4th year (the fact is that it's NOT NORMAL for a transferee student to get in a cream/1st section) I'm abnormal. Haha! P.S. I don't study hard. I hate force studying. I'm lazy. But hardworking in my own ways and perspective.

14. I passed both Architecture and Civil Engineering in UST and UP Baguio. I chose Engineering in UST and I quit in the middle of the first semester before it's too late. I realized that I want Architecture more than Engineering. Yes I LOVE MATH. But I didn't like engineering. I am taking Architecture in Mapua but I just filed a Leave Of Absence (LOA) at this moment because I'm preparing for something big and I thought of a better plans for my life. Yes, I'm a THOMASIAN and a MAPUAN!  No regrets!  I will be back to Mapua soon!  

15. Closest friends of mine BULLY ME but RESPECT me. Yes  haha! Because I DON'T GET MAD EASILY. As in hindi DAW ako napipikon and marunong magalit. And I'm not used to prolonging anger in my heart. Never ako nagtanim ng galit. In fact, I DON'T HATE... Even if that person is a stubborn or bitch, as long as he or she doesn't do anything wrong to me or to my love ones, nor say something bad or judgements, I won't hate. I easily accept and understand a person's character. Ayoko tlg ng may kagalit kahit sino. It's a burden in my heart. That's why I EASILY MOVE ON. And I only take the PAST and the challenges in my life as a LESSON. No hard feelings  I NEVER REGRET. And the only thing that I look in my past is myself. On where I am before and where am I right now. Uhm, It's hard for me to say NO to my friends. But I already practiced now on how to; without explaining myself  I live my life without problems... Super madalang lng. Because for me, problems are just created in your minds... 

16.I'm a product of a broken family. I drink, I smoke(I will stop in time), I bet in a casino, I party hard and I'm a kid inside. But I know my limits and the consequences. And I think before I act. But sometimes I say words without thinking when I'm angry. I'm a pro to medical marijuana. I win an argument or I accept change. That's the only choice. I never lose one  I admire people who knows how to have a smart and intelligent conversation. But I choose who to talk to. I'm awake to what's happening to the society. My mind is open for knowledges. I think outside the box. I think differently and you'll think that I'm weird if you hear me explaining these things(but it still depends on how close minded you are ). But I never get used to talk to anyone about these stuff. There's just a few who heard me though. Anyhow, I'm a Catholic, but I don't go to church every Sunday (Fact: I see a lot of fake people in church. I don't want to fit in lol). I RESPECT every one's belief, principles and his/her religion. Though, trust me, I'm a believer. I believe in God. That God that all of the religions are talking about, they just have different names for HIM. For me, Bible is just part of the history.  I don't let the religion to be in control of my life. Ironically, I memorized the books of the Bible. Whether the Old Testament or the New Testament. In order! (Just hear to believe)  Uhm, I used to attend prayer meetings every thursday way back HighSchool when I was still a member of the choir   

"You don't need to have religion to have morals. If you can't determine right or wrong, then you lack empathy. Not religion"

Nothing's changed in my beliefs since I was a kid  It's consistent  And I believe in DESTINY and on the saying that  EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, BUT! You should take advantage of that reason or happening, to do and think of a better and positive stuff that may result to a better consequence.

17. I have a charity. A feeding program for a hundred children. We do it once or twice a year. During Christmas or my birthday. I love helping people and making someone happy  I love seeing a real and true smile of strangers even if that smile is not for me. It gives a random joy in my heart even though I'm not the reason of his/her smile. What more if it's because of me? Right?  

18. I'm INDEPENDENT. I pay for my bills and vices. I pay even my own tuition fee.  I'm infinite and boundless. I'm fearless. I want to inspire and It's my pleasure to be an inspiration for those who see in me.

19. At this age, I'm definitely living the life that I want. I love to TRAVEL. And I pay for my own expenses because that is what I really want in life. TO SEE THE WORLD. I already saw Japan, China, HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore  Except from shopping, I love seeing and learning their cultures. I love meeting people. I love going to new places. I love to get lost and get back. I love to interact with the different races of the world. I love talking to strangers... I love to see the good things on the bad things.  I wanna go to AFRICA and feed the children there. I LIVE FREE (And the definition of FREE for me is different on the usual perspective of people)

20. I won't become an employee. I never wished for it. (maybe for a short span of time. Just for an experience), I'm a fashion designer and an entrepreneur now. And I will become a CEO next, then an ARCHITECT   Yes. I DREAM BIG. And there is no dreams and wants that I haven't achieve yet. Yet? No. I believe that I can achieve them all  Everyone can.

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