3 Weeks of Living My Dreams

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I posted this after my 21st Birthday; and when my mom went back to abroad after I've finally seen her after 18 years. 


18 or 17 yrs ago, there is this day that my mom went to abroad because she is sick of Parkinson's and she have to work for the future of her children. The days before she left, I never heard any goodbyes or messages. Sabi na lng nila, my mom said goodbye while I was sleeping, and nagising pa daw ako nun, but I just felt asleep again. baby pa eh, 3yrs old. I will never forget na pag gising ko nlng Im asking ate min "nasan si nanay" nsa palengke lang daw.. hangang sa hindi na bumalik and found out the truth... 

I learned that there will always come a point that you have to say goodbye. For me, that is today. While for my mom, this is the second time. Medyo malungkot kasi unlike the past 3 weeks, sya palagi ung gumigising skin even though in a very awkward way. I am the kind of person na hnd agad gumigising, but if si nanay, once or twice lang na "tricia gising na 10am na" then tatayo lng sya in the corner of my room and will never leave hngat hnd ako tumatayo. Nakatitig lang sya skin. hahaha! So I have no choice kung hndi gumising na. Then after that, We will eat breakfast or lunch na. Angsarap magluto ng nanay ko! Most esp the sinigang, adobo, and the caldereta We eat together everyday for 3 weeks. Her, my brother Kevin and his baby Ethan and most of the time with Len Barrios Angsaya saya ng ambiance ng bahay Alive na alive Sometimes pa bglang ddting sila ate Amihan and kuya Ed together with the makulit na six! Hihi. Then before I sleep naman, I have to take care of nanay. Fix her bed, help her drink her medicine, help her pee sometimes, hug her, and show how much I love her everyday. But today, same old ordinary life again, ung pag gising ko, I have to be independent again. Tahimik ng house, I have to cook or buy for my own, or most of the time, diretso sa school nlng and eat with my friends. 

In comparison of the situation on how I wake up 3 weeks ago till yesterday than today, there is really a big difference. But why did I said na "medyo" malungkot lng? Why not super lugkot? Hmm.. Remember the last bastard who said a lot of things to me na kawawa daw ako na magisa lng daw ako and I dont have a family? God just did the revenge (in a good way) for me to her. God just proved her wrong. The past 3 weeks showed me all the goodness in life. It showed me that a person can really change. My father said sorry to all of us from the bottom of his heart. Yes I can feel how deep is his sincerity. The world showed me how he really loves my mom... How he really loves all of us.. And it is so heart warming how she started calling me "my baby" because I am the bunso of the family I felt how to have a happy family. My dream of having a family picture happened. It's a magical feeling. A dream came true. 

I am not so lonely because on that past 3 weeks, I've learned that everything really happens for a reason. They left me when I was still a child. I become independent. And now, they went back to me and saw what I am now.. I've showed them what my life is. They learned how many friends I have and how many being loves me despite of their absence. Maybe, what happened on my childhood happened because if not, I wont feel the gift of this magical feeling.. I wont feel the "dream come true" feeling. And most of all, if they didn't leave me, I wont become what I am right now... A better version of me. A Trish who is a dreamer. A Trish who is a strong woman and who never gives up on the battle of life. They made me feel how proud they are to me. I even showed and surprised my mom on the things that I can do that a girl couldn't normally do (ung pag eelectrician sa house hehe)... 

The past 3 weeks made me see all the beautiful things in life more and how much should I be thankful how blessed I am. And today, today is the day where I have to continue living and working for my next dreams. Today... Today is the day where they left me a beautiful memories and big love in my heart. 

Why should I be lonely when is in fact I should be very thankful instead? Thankful because I know the meaning of my life already and I know how to live it happily and with no regrets. Thankful because another dream was given to me. Thankful because it proved me that every moment should be treasured because we don't know when would be the next time. It proved me that there should be no space for loneliness in our lives because life is beautiful. We just don't look at it because we are busy fixing and looking for the bad things... We are busy making stupid issues that doesn't really matter. And I'm proud to say that I don't do anymore the past few months

3 weeks of living my dreams. 3 weeks full of memories and lessons in life. 3 weeks that made me stronger. And on that 3 weeks, I was able to inspire a lot. I was able to share how to live life happily... I was able to show everyone that dreams really do come true... "Always look at the bright side. Because everything happens for a reason"... Remember? 

Farewell ..Hangang sa muli nating pagkikita at pagsasama sama! Have a safe and happy trip! I love you all
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