September 17, 2016 Saturday is the first day opening of the Fright night in Six Flags Magic Mountain where a lot of people are excited every year! Halloween here in America is such a very big deal. Some people says that it is even big deal than Christmas time. That's why there's no wonder when a lot of theme parks, bars, restaurants and every establishments have special events for Halloween. Just like Universal Studios' Horror Nights, Six Flags Magic Mountain have Fright Night where the park's opening hours is extended until 1am instead 8pm. Freight night starts at 7pm, at 7pm when the sun sets already, monsters and zombies and different creatures will roam around the theme park and start to scare prople. There are different maze attractions with different special horror stories that you could go in. Although there is an additional entrance fee for that. 

There are a lot of dark paths and smokey areas where you could encounter different creatures. 
It's really fun because a lot of people are enjoys scarig each other haha! Some random normal people even act like a zombie just for fun >.< 

My favorite maze attraction is the "Vault 666". Unfortunately, it's not allowed to tale photos. But here's how it goes, you are going to enter a research laboratory for animals. It's like a real life scene since there are tour guides who are going to show you around. Until in one room, there's another room that is seperated by a transparent glass and then you'll see a zombies who bit their employees. Then you will continue to another room and you'll see that the employees started to get crazy, until up to the end of the maze, it gets worst and worst. It's seems possible to happen in real life that's why even though I'm really not afraid of these stuff, I got scared. Hehe.. 

There were also a concert and a party! A lot of people danced and partied all night! Even my friends did the dance craze "Thriller". 

I will surely definitely be back! I rode a total of 5 rides and 3 mazes. :( I recommend that you don't go on the first dah of the fright ighy and ho on the weekdays! :) 

How I wish that Enchanted Kingdom will do this kind of event as well.

Happy Travels!

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