On every country or state that I've been, I make sure that I have a photo opportunity on each of the famous landmarks. Statue of Liberty in New York, for example. In Los Angeles, well, as for me, I think that the Hollywood sign is their land mark. At first, I thought that it's just as simple as driving to a specific place and then just simply take a picture. I know, most of you, you thought just like me! Haha but we are all wrong!

P.S. Notice the tower besides the Hollywood Sign. 

I have relatives here in Los Angeles living for like 10years already but they never a had a picture of the Hollywood sign, because it's on the mountains! Well you can see it in your naked eyes while roaming around in the city, but you can neve have a photo opportunity except if you take it on the fake one in Universal Studios. The truth is, you have to hike for like 1hour to 2 hours (depends on your phasing), for you to have a photo opportunity as close as our photo above. 

Carlo, Erika, and Mac, are my friends who accompanied me during my hike. Carlo, on the left, is my friend at the Mapua Institute of Technology, Erika is his sister and Mac is his friend. Even though it's my first time to meet Erika and Mac, we all had a good bonding and we all jive together as if that it we all know each other for a long time already. Hehe

There are different trails that you could hike going to the Hollywood sign, but don't you worry, there are pavements and signs that you could just follow. If ever that you get lost, there's a lot of new friends thaf you could meet and ask along your journey. 

After an hour of hiking and trekking, 
Mission accomplished for us! We now have a photo of the Los Angeles trademark :) 

Before, they are allowing people to hike on the sign itself. Today, it's prohibited. I don't know why. This is the closest that you could go in the sign, and only behind it. Mac said, do you want a picture of a hollywood sign itself? Get closer on the sign itself and then you'll have a picture taken by the CNN, and with a helicopter! And you'll be instantly famous! Haha! 

Remember I told you to notice the tower behind the Hollywood sign? That tower is the tower on the left. So we hiked another couple of minutes all the way up! 

The American flag! I told myself that next time, I should bring a Philippine flag! Huhu. I should've :( 

We hiked around 8am and it's almost noon when we started to hike back. It's worth it! And photos could not justify what we could see on our naked eyes. 
Thanks Carlo, Erika, and Mac for accompanying me! Until next time! 

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