Mulholland Highway Los Angeles California
A sports car and sports bike heaven and playground!

Today, my brother who's residing in the  Calabasas, Los Angeles, USA, took me a ride to Mulholland Highway. My brother founded a sports motorbike riders for Filipinos here in the USA that he named "Makabayan Riders" (Please search in youtube) --- and he and his group used to "play" and ride here in Mulholland Highway. Mulholland highway is one of the most famous destination for riders, racers and drifters where they gather and meet together and "play" on their playground. My favorite part of this highway is the view deck where you can see some of the zigzag highways and watch the sports motorbikes and cars on the road. All I can say is that it is really awesome!!! This is a heaven for car and motor enthusiasts! Ducati, Porche, Lambo and many exotic cars  are normaly seen! Follow me on instagram stories @trishiedc to see the live feed of the stuff that I'm talking about! :) 

The Rock Store! This is the first destination in Mulholland highway --- The first Hangout area. 

After here, you have to drive all the way up to see the view deck of the Mulholland Highway.

This is the second hangout area, the view deck of the Mulholland Highway! If you look closer on the photo, it's like a real life go kart racing track! And you can watch the racers and riders on how they play on their playground, live! The photo couldn't give justice on how awesome it is but you can see it on my instagram stories videos though. Follow me @trishiedc :) I will upload the videos though, soon! 
I was so lucky to have an opportunity to experience Mulholland highway and the car on the very first photo on this blog is the car that we brought --- Chevrolet Stingray. It's my brother's. 

After Mulholland highway, you can go straight all the way down to visit the Malibu Beach --- the surfers play ground! 
P.S. I'm wearing Forever 21 from top to bottom. Inner to outer. Haha! :) Thanks again to my brother who gave me a Forever21 shopping spree worth 430$ during my first day in Los Angeles hehehe.. 

Yup! He's my brother :) He's the one who got featured in CNN and other Media Giants world wide for being a $ millionaire by making money on youtube! Read one of their features here:

Neptune's NET, this is where we ate. Their grilled salmon is a must! This is also a hangout place for the sports car and sports bike enthusiats. 

Insights: To own a brand new sports car and play on this play ground, is an "American Dream". Being here; experiencing and witnessing these, is an American Dream for me too. And everyone could achieve this if you just love what you do. Love everything that you do. Like everything. Every single thing. My brother, who's living that "American Dream", also says that as his number one advice. So take note of that ❤️
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