Since when I was young, I am an extreme person. I am the kind of person who doesn't have any fears. Brave. Strong. I could ride any ride. I could do any challenge. I am not afraid of cockroaches, rats or whatever. I seek for  heights and extreme rides. Unfortunately, rides in my country, Philippines, doesn't thrill me at all. I tried the rides in Ocean Park, Hong Kong, but it doesn't thrill me at all too. Then they said that I need to go to Magic Mountain Six Flags because this is the place where I could find the most extreme rides. Since then, I were dreaming to go there. Well, if you know my story and if you read my previous blogs, I was denied to get a USA visa for 6 times (read the story here). But then, finally, a dream come true! I finally got a USA visa. I visited the east coast during my first trip in USA; this time, the west coast, the Sunny California! Where else? Los Angeles, and finally! After how many years of waiting and dreaming, I conquered the Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Hello world! Meet my brothers! On my left is Patrick, and on my right is Robert, but I call him Chochi. 

As I grow older, I realize how few my true friends are; out of the hundreds that I thought. And I am so glad and happy that I found out that I still do have a lot of friends even though we barely talk to each other the past few years. Patrick and Chochi were my highschool friends who are residing here in California and they agreed to go with me in Six Flags Magic Mountain. Chochi even traveled all the way from San Diego which is a 4hrs drive to Los Angeles. I really do appreciate the effort! And I was so excited!!! They were my classmates during one of the best years in my life. My 3rd year highschool life. The most memorable section in my life. The section that I love the most of all my highschool years! 

I was reminiscing my highschool life when I was with them. It's been 8 years that passed; "Same old trish" --- I love how they told me these words. It's kinda like they mean to say that I never changed even if it's been a very long journey in my life already. I'm just so happy... I feel joy every moment,  just like the old times, they still bully me haha but it's just a sign of their love for me as their baby sister. Hell yeah, I'm their princess! I'm the section's baby princess. Hehe.. My niece said that they can say that these guys protects me a lot. Now, I know now that I have brother's from another mother here in California that I could always lean on and I always have a place to stay if all else failse. I really do appreciate that they accompanied me and made my dream come true :)
Pat and chochi, Thanks a lot!

I will make a seperate blog post about Magic Mountain Six Flags itself, because it's  just so right in time during my stay here in California since I get to attend thefirst  day of the freight night 2016! It's a horror edition or special event that many people wait for every year! It was really fun! :) 

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