Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles California --- How to get a free season pass upgrade

Yesterday, my spa client way back home, Philippines, accompanied me at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

In United States of America, people are used to be workaholics and they only have time during the weekends. That's why Imm so thankful for these couple who allowed me to third wheel with them at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles. 
Universal Studios Hollywood LA used to have a promo in partnership with Coca Cola where you can find a sticker of Universal Studios Hollywood LA in Coca Cola soda cans and instead of paying for a single entry pass, by just presenting the cans, you will be upgraded to a season pass. Season pass means that you could enter unlimited times during the weekdays of the whole season(4months) without paying another entrance fee! 

Unfortunately, the free season pass upgarde with Coca Cola has already ended. But! Here's a tip from what I did. I still brought a Coca Cola soda can even it doesn't have a Universal Studios sticker on it. But I still hold my hope and ask the cashier telller if I could have a free upgrade by bringing a can. He told me that there is no Coca Cola promo anymore, but americans are friendly and he appreciates my effort by bringin a Coca Cola soda can! Haha! That's why I was able to score a free season pass upgrade! Hooray! :) 

My favorite ride of all, is The Harry Potter, even though I'm not a big fun, I can say that the ride and the architecture and design is really outstanding! I really feel like that I am at The Hogwarts and with Harry Potter itself! 
The Harry Potter attraction has just recently opened. I suggest that you go to Universal Studios Hollywood during the weekdays, and the season after the summer time because there would be almost no queue at all on the lines! There were some technical issues during our ride that's why we managed to repeat the ride all over again from the beginning! Lucky us! Hehe

My second favorite ride is the Studio Tour! It's my first time to see a real life hollograms like Vin Diesel and the whole crew were with us! It was awesome!!

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