What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas! That's what everybody says! But for me, what happens in Vegas must be blogged! Hehehe... Well, my sister, my brother, my mom and my 4 year old nephew went in Las Vegas not to do the usual things like drinking and gambling and partying but instead, it was our family day trip. And it is one of the best trips that I had in America because this was my dream! We had a sibblings bonding, for the first time in my life. We talked for like 10pm to 5am in the morning! And while we're on the road, 6hrs going to Las Vegas seems like 30mins because of the endless conversations about our childhood and life experiences. 

Going on, I was awed in Las Vegas, it's so lively and full of energy, and I find it so romantic--a especially The Ceasars Palace and The Venetian. Also, I was amazed with the architecture and interior design of the hotels. I told my sibblings that I find it very challenging but full of fun! Because, all of the hotels are themed. The Luxor Hotel for example, is an Egyptian theme. New York New York, obviously, is New York themed while Paris is Paris themed and the list goes on. Although I noticed, that there is no cAsian-country themed hotel yet. And I was day dreaming that one day, after I graduate Architecture, I will design the first Asian themed hotel in Las Vegas. Hehe... 

Las Vegas is very accessible to sight see by foot. You can enter all the hotels even if you don't have a reservation because it is so big mixed with shops and restaurants inside. And almost all of the hotels have connection ways to each other. And mind you, all of the shops are high end luxuries such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci and all of their kind. What I like  the most too are tha fat tuesdays cocktail drinks in a tall glass which you could just drink while walking! I will definitely go back in Las Vegas and next time, I will try the clubbing experience and all stuff you kniw hihi. Who would want to go with me?! 

I will post a seperate blog post about the hotel where we checked in- The Flamingo Hotel which is really perfect for my personality! 

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