Just 6 days after I came back home from the USA, we went to Bicol to run a fashion show for my Trishie Couture's 2017 collection. Well actually, I really cane home for this :) Bicol is a 13hrs drive from Manila and we decided to cut the driving trip into two parts. I didn't worry about finding a side trip place where we could stop over because there are 7100 islands in the Philippines and I am sure that we could discover something new as long as we are on the sea side.  I looked at the Philippine map, analyzed our route to Bicol and I was finding a road in the map which is the nearest to the sea and at the same time on the way to our destination. I looked for the nearest city on that road and found out about Lucena Quezon. As usual, it was a very spontaneous plan! From there, we made new friends and discovered places and one of these is the Borawan Island which I will do a separate blog post. 

It is 4 to 5 hours drive going to Lucena Quezon. It is all the way to South Luzon. The exact location of the road which I found on the map is Padre Burgos road. That is the road which is the closest to the beach. We  met new friends who are fishermen and they let us spend the night by the beach. Of course, we grabbed some beer and get to know them. According to them, they only sleep in the hammock besides the beach. We talked about life and dreams. One of them dreamed to become a seaman but hey! We told them that he is a sea man already! Hehe... One of them is taking up criminology and still pursuing his dream despite of the life status in the province. 
I gave them wisdom that they have such a beautiful life. I told them that every people are equal, we just have different status by material but we are all equal. I remember what my multi-millionaire auntie said "All of the people have the same weight of problems and happiness. If the millionare's problem is millions, the poor man's problem is a penny. It's the same". And that's one of the few wisdoms that I shared to them. I am happy that I am doing my life purpose, to inspire people. I loved talking to them. I loved hearing their stories and dreams. I will definitely be doing this for a life time. 

So, moving on, going to Borawan means riding a boat; and the beach where we stayed where the port also located is stunning as well. It has a sand bar if it is low tide. And I find the rock formation so beautiful! :) 

At 6am in the morning, the fishermen brought us in the middle of the sea and showed us where they take care of their fish and they let us feed them. It was an awesome and new experience! Hihi...

10 mins away from the fish pond or net or whatever they call it,  is the majestic Borawan Island! (Again, seperate blog post for this)

Can you spot our 2 furr babies enjoying their roadtrip? Hehe.. 

There are still a lot of beaches along the road Padre Burgos Quezon. Here are some of the few...
Kids playing on the beach :) What a simple life! Can you live here? ;) 

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