October 4, 2016

Behind Trishie Couture 2017 Collection

As usual, something dainty and feminine :) Sneak peek  of my Trishie Couture Collection 2017! I intentionally went back here in the Philippines this month because of my collection runway launch this October 8, 2016! 

Fabrics are intricately chosen and if you are a friend of mine in snapchat and instagram stories (trishiedc), you'll know that I'm buying fabrics during my travels. I bought the fabrics that I used for this collection at Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Philippines itself... 

If you can remember, I supposed to have a dust blue and blush color pantone for this year (see blog post here: http://www.theceo.me/2016/08/modern-gown-color-trends-gown.html?m=1 ). But eventually by searching and touching the actual fabrics, I decided to switch to blush and rose gold. 

I can't wait! Stay tuned! 

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