Hollywood! Night Life in Los Angeles

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Night Life in Los Angeles
(Hollywood, Staples Center, Hard Rock Cafe, Walk of Fame and Clubs) 

(In Photo: Hollywood Road Hong Kong, September 2016)

When we were in Hongkong September last year, we checked in at Butterfly Hotel, Hollywood Road. I was always taking photos on the sign "Hollywood Road" and let myself feel like that I was in Hollywood. At least in the picture! Hehe.. Well, as you know, going to America is my biggest childhood and forever dream. I was already in my "give up" moment during those times --- l already said to myself that going to amerika will be at the later part of my life after I finish my dreams here in Manila. Like, when I'm already a bit older, or when I have a family already. I have set all my life and goals and dreams and destiny here. (I will make a seperate blog post continuing this last sentence on this paragraph because I have a lot of thoughts and lessons and things to say)

Then, a what so called unexplainable magic happened, this 2016, I welcome you to the real Hollywood!  I have never thought that I will come to Amerika- specifically Hollywood just 11 months and 3weeks after. Althouuugh, you know that I went to Amerika, East side (NY, Boston, Chicago) last April right, hmm so if that's the case, that was just 7 months after. 

Okay, Hollywood, Hollywood... The land of the Celebrities! 
Thanks to my sister and her husband for accompanying me here. 

What can I say? 
It's alive, full of lights, it's like the New York Time Square of Los Angeles. Even if you're just inside the car, making my eyes busy with the lights and the entertainment of the people, I feel like I'm in the movies. I feel like I'm in the dream. I remember that exact moment that I am just in my silence and telling my self, Oh God, thank you for this wonderful life. You gave me way more than what I've dreamed of.
Okaay, so we first went to Staples Center since it is just along the area. I wanted to watch NBA here since it's one of my bucket list, unfortunately, it's not their season yet. 

Then to Hollywood Boulevard... 

Of course I will never skip the famous "walk of fame"

Then as usual, we spend our night at Hard Rock Cafe... Our family's favorite bar and restaurant. We visit different Hard Rock Cafes on any part of the world that we go. (P.S. Have you seen my facebook post where I sang in Hard Rock Cafe Cambodia? Hihi)
And then we went to a club which is open(like there's no aircondition, just open walls) but still cool and with awesome music! A cool idea that hits me as well... 
(On Photo: This is where the open bar that I'm talking about is)

Thank you ate Min and kuya Edrick and family for such a wonderful experience and heartwarming welcome in Amerika! I couldn't say more but I already miss you all a lot! 

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