Thanks to my partner's brother who's living in Bicol --- for showing us around Naga Area and one of the place that he showed us is indeed a secret paradise --- Salingogon Beach! I was surprised that there is actually a beach without a sand, but pebbles instead! And it's not just a pebbles, it's white pebbles! 

This is definitely a pebbles heaven in all kinds and shapes! :) And guess what? Pebbles are used in decorations and they are expensive! I remember my sister who used to collect different candles and some of the candle decorations of her taste are those who have pebbles and they really cost a lot! So imagine how much this beach worth?! 
My favorite part in Salingogon Beach? Is that it is completely a remote area! Some of the locals there(their uncle) cooked some traditional dish for us and we experienced how they live there and I am inlove on a fact that even if they lack of material things, they still be able to live very simply and happily. Sometimes, when I am finding life so difficult, I always wanted to escape and just live this way. 

The houses are traditional province's home where the comfort room is secluded and the people are very friendly! And since it is normal for them to have a beach just in front of them, my partner and I is the only people swimming there! Like we really own the place! :) Another fact on this place is that they have a high speed signal because the telecom towers are just around the area. We spend the afternoon there and I finished my work for my client at DLC Backpackers. It is such a very convenient and peaceful place to work! We will definitely go back! How I wish that it just remains this way, no tourists, and always a hidden paradise :) 
Oops before I forget, sharing with you what we saw along the journey 

Yep! Only in the Philippines! Hihi... 

Oh Salingogon beach, I miss you already :) 

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