Random Thoughts Series 1 Vol. 1

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the spectacular comments that I recieved on my latest blog post, "10 Steps on How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur"! 

I love how I am living my life purpose, to inspire the people in the world, and it is actually happening little by little. A lot of people are actually learning from me and are looking up to for my next blog posts. And it is very overwhelming!  

There are also a lot of suggestions on what they are looking forward or wanting me to blog. 

Today, I decided to make a blog series on where I could write anything random or anything under or outside the sun, besides the articles where you will be learning --- just like my last blog post here.

I'm trying to re-read the "HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH 0$ CAPITAL" so I could post it soon.

And I am thinking of writing an article about "LIFE MISTAKES" and "BUSINESS MISTAKES" so that you will learn from my mistakes because I know that everyone in this world have the capacity to become the most maximum human being that they could be. I am not, yet. But I will, and I am starting by doing my life purpose in everything that I do. So the most important question that you could start to ask yourself now is "Why do you think you are alive right now?". And if you can answer the question, whatever circumstances that might happen, you will live a happy life. I'm telling you it's not as easy as it might seems. It's hard. And me myself is still even trying hard and working hard to not allow the bad circumstances ruin that happy life purpose.  How will I know if I have lived a happy life? It is by being sure that if I die, there will be a smiling face on my death mask. And that's what I am rooting for. Dying with a smile on my face because I did my mission and legacy. But I cannot afford to die now! hehe... There are way way way more missions and dreams to come. 

Yay! We are going home in my jungle and paradise in Bolinao with the family later! Just a spontaneous trip because of the "Long Weekend Trend". But I'm excited! I will see Mr. Sun again! hihi.. Grrrr... another travel post backlogs :( 


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