To all those who are playing GTA or Grand Theft Auto, Sta. Monica Pier might be familiar to you because it is one of the famous destinations in that game.
Okay, so, I've told you many times that photos can't justify what is seen in our naked eyes. Here's how I describe Sta. Monica Pier, it is cold, and windy, but full of energy. You can feel the vibes of the happy people, imagine a theme park by the beach? You could just bring your picnic mats and lay down on the sand, grab some hotdogs from the stalls and drink some beer. You could also dance and party with the random people in the middle of the day. Awesome, indeed! :)

I wil share with you an experience here, we all got shocked and kinda afraid because there seems to be like a spontaneous stampede that we even lost our nephew because he was carried away and ran with the people. Guess what's the reason? Pokemon Go! Haha! It's crazy! But worth a story to tell :) Well, although, Pokemon Go is still way more chronic in Singapore than in America. Like in Singapore, is way more craycraycraZzzy!

So, enjoy the photos! 

Btw don't get me wrong, those crosses there just crosses without a niche of the body okaaay.. They are just crosses to honour the dead soldiers. 
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