What to visit in Albay, Bicol, besides Mayon Volcano

in , by Trishie Dela Cruz, 7:17:00 AM
If you've been a follower in my social media accounts, you'll know that I am a "waterfalls chaser" for a few years already. Everytime I travel, I make sure to visit some waterfalls and if lucky and given a chance, I make sure to discover one along the way. During our trip to Bicol because of my Trishie Couture Collection 2016, we made sure to have a side trip and we found this very enchanting "Vera Falls" and this is one of the top list of my favorite waterfalls in the world :) Just like what I always say, the photos will not justify the real beauty that we can see in the naked eyes. Ughh... This is home!

Look how clean and fresh is the water!

A lot of catch basins to choose from and swim :)

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