When I was younger, I'm trying so hard to make my skin whiter. Because that's what the Philippine culture made me to do so. In the Philippines, if you are dark, people will tease you. Filipinos love whiter people and that's hypocrisy because Filipinos' natural color are not white but "kayumangi" or tan. I don't know why they use our natural color as an insult! Lol. I achieved being white though --- only to realize that having a glowing tan skin is the best color in the world! 

1. The very first reason why I love tan is that people always taught that I am wearing make-up! But duh! I'm not! :) A lipstick closer to "nude" color is already enough to pull out my glowing tan-fresh from the beach look! 

2.) Being tan reminds me of my favorite 2nd best place in the world(1st is waterfalls) the beach! 

3.) You will get a lot of compliments! Most especially outside the Philippines. It's like, almost all of the nationalities especially the western people, loves tan! They even use tanning lotion and machines to achive tan. 

3.) According to some of the people who compliments my color, people who are tan tends to be more hotter than those who are not! Fact check! 

4.) You are more noticeable! No explanation needed here hehe...

5.) I feel fresher and fresher! Yes, whenever that it's bee a while since I go out in the beach or mountains, I feel like my skin stops glowing. And I always feel like I'm forced to go out to make my tan fresh from the sun again :) 

6.) And most of all, the golden rule of being tan "If I am already beautiful even if I am dark, what more if I become whiter? And how about those pretty whiter peoole, what if they get darker? Do you think they will still be beautiful?" Hehehe peace! 

To all the morena girls out there, embrace your color and true beauty! Being tan shows the true color and the true beauty of the Filipino Women! Cheers! :) 

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