Last last year, a chinese company invites me to their country for a business proposal since their research had brought them to me, a company owner who have several spa partners. 

Their products are spa and beauty machines. The parts are made in Germany, brought in Beijing China and it is there where they assemble it. 
They are very smart and intelligent and very accommodating as well. They even picked me up in my hotel. 
They showed me around their office and factories.
They even prepared a flag of the Philippines. Hey! So overwhelming to represent our country. Hello Duterte! Hehe... 
They let me chill and have a break in their CEO's office. 
Well, it is a great business opportunity for me, although, it is one of my business backlogs as of the moment since I am still focusing on some stuff. But if any one of you are interested to be my partner and wants to sell these machines, don't hesistate to contact me :) 

Well, I have to blog more stuff and experiences in Beijing, so stay tuned! :) 

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