I've been dreaming of to have a milky way photos. The last day, I have finally achieved it because my brother finally went with us in our what we so called Paradise Home! It was our 6th time in Bolinao Pangasinan and finally, my personal professional photagrapher was there! Haha! And that is my brother :) Check out his page in Facebook- KDC Photojournalist :) 

The only requirement that I should do to accomplish this shot is to freeze for 30secs. It was damn hard! Even a little movement will make you blurry in the picture! Haha I find my comfy place, and that was my comfy place that I won't move. And I had the perfect meditation and peace of mind. Only two shots we take, and we're done :) If you're gonna ask what settings used, ask my brother coz I only have just a very few ideas about camera settings. Hehe... 

October 29, 2016 (Facebook Photo Caption) - Let's all be productive before the long weekend starts! Though I have 1 1/2 day only... :( 

It's November 1! What are you up to? Me, ever since in my life it's not in my culture to visit someone during this day. But since 2009, I make sure light up 1 candle. I don't know what this Halloween really means and the sense and the mystical thing behind it. But I live halloween because I love dressing up costumes! Too bad I wasn't able to attend supposed to be halloween parties. But it's okay! Because my family went out for the weekend. Yah, my costume was a mermaid and a fairy. But that's normal. Hahahan charot! Hehe... Happy Halloween! Holloween! 😂
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