November 17, 2016

Las Vegas of the Philippines and Widus Hotel in Pampanga

Hello everyone! This will be a very short blog post. Hmmm, some time a few months ago, my brother invited us in one of the Philippine Airlines PAL Event in Widus Hotel Pampanga.

Pampanga is said to be the Las Vegas of the Philippines because it is the place where there are plenty of hotels and casinos! And guess what? I love to go there way more than the hotels in Manila because going there is just an hour when you use the NLEX or the North Luzon Express Way. Unlike when you go to Manila, you will pass by the congested roads and it will take you uo to 3 hours! Yes. 3 hours! Proven and tested. 
So, this is my brother and my boyfriend.
This is me and my brother. 
My bf's shoes and the view. Hehe... 

Okay, so if you are heading to the Philippines and want to indulge yourself in hotels and casino, then head over to Pampanga! There are also tourist spot places that you could do nearby such as the Nayong Pilipino, The Clark Airport if you want to drive a plane, a Go Kart, Korean Town if you would like to have some Korean BBQs, and the rest is for you to discover! :) 

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