I was browsing my iPhone since I'm looking for particular photos that I wanna blog. Only to change my mind, because I was overwhelmed on what I found out. iPhone just recorded all the places that I've been since October 2015 until today! And gosh, I am way so beyond blessed! I just realized that I deserve to have the "Serial Traveler" title! Hihi.. Humbled and Honoured! Okay, so, here are the list of the places that I've been, and I think this could be one of the traveler's goals :) Hey, iPhone don't lie! Hehe... 

Believe it or not, yeah, I myself couldn't believe, but, it's real! I've been to all of those countries and places wit in just a year! Yep, a year! :) Yaaah... Because.. Travel is life!  Like it is really true that travel is like a book. And if you don't travel, you're still on the first page and it seems like you're not living at all because you're missing a lot in life. Our next stop? 
Tagaytay for tomorrow until Tuesday. And then Vietnam on December. Every month, I have this urge to go out and travel. If not, I'll be sick! Hehe.. One reason why I founded a travel agency. And I hope that this reason and plenty of places that I've been, will make you trust me and book a package with us! ( www.dlcbackpackers.com ) Please help us as we reinvent the way people travel. The old school kind of travel is already obsolete! There are more to traveling and our mission is to maximize the travel potential of a person. DLC Backpackers - Your Travel Expert is way much more different than any other travel agencies could offer. In our agency, we reinvent the travel system and we are said to be THE LATEST MODERN TRAVEL TREND according to The Huffington Post, one of the top 100 most viewed website in the world! Well, we have a Travel Curriculum that might change your life. Try it before everybody else does! Be a pioneer of reinventing the travel system! :) 

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