February of 2015, I gathered different people in different walks of life and we founded a company named DLC Enterprise or DREAM LEAD CREATE Enterprise. 

After a couple of months, we had our office.  Yep, designed by yours truly! :) 
Today, this is also the place where we do our meetings and even birthday dinners. The one in the photo above is during my birthday together with my family :) 
Yep, sometimes, we also drink wines too!  I am just so happy that this is where we started and this is where we are going to evolve and improve as well :) 

Okay, so this is technically "The CEO's Office", hehe... And I wanted the design of my office to be not like just the normal and regular office. I don't want to have an office with that kind of vibe. For me, an office is a second home so I made the ambiance like this. Classy, romantic, and feels like home which also reflects my personality :) 

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