"Why collect Sétish Crystals or give as gift?"

Why I got interested with Crystals? It just got in me without any second thinking of it because it is a timeless collection! Just like the gold, if ever that there is a war, money will be worthless but golds and these gems and crystals are only those which will have worth. It will be considered high value when money becomes obsolete and when "trade" just like in the history, happens again. It will have a high value. It is a possession and an investment. I wonder, where did the rich people before, places their bar of golds and crystals? Why is it that gold never deflates and remains its value over decades and decades? 

Crystals are the same, and who knows that time will come when the value of crystals will become high because people of this generation is slowly discovering it's powers and useful properties?

  We find it magical. My partner Sasha told me "and soul, crystals are so beautiful lalo na kapag natamaan ng light" then we both tell to each other na "yaaah it's like anghirap idescribe ng feeling but it's so magical"... 
Crystals is not only used in jewelries, it is also used in meditation and what gypsies say- healing. 

"Stones, crystals and minerals have been used around the world and throughout the ages for their energetic properties. Today, with the world growing smaller ever, it's never been easier to discover new, exciting and beautiful gems to adorn your home and body" - blog.freepeople.com

Stones, crystals and minerals are not infinite unlike the trees who could always gets growing. I better start my collection now(Take advantage of Philippines being rich and pearls and shells, I already started my collection during my Philippine travels). 

If people of the last generation collects gold, and gold is getting obsolete and fewer, I will then start collecting "Sétish Crystals". I think it suites our personality well maybe this moment in time when I am already in my 20s(23 to be exact); then maybe soon collect golds? Did I told you that crystals are cheaper than golds?! That's a privilege for young adults or young at heart like us!  ! Hihi.. 

Sétish reflects the generation of this world. You know, glitters, fairies, unicorns, mermaids with a twist of minimalist personalities like gypsies, hippies and bohos, or a mix of classic and vintage with lots of gold textures. Or retro with fun and playful prints- and many many more  cutesy stuff! What about Pandas, Donuts and Pineapples? Oh I've heard someone who collects watermelons and another one who collects flamingos. 

Sétish Collections is here to help you find yourself. If you are still starting finding yourself, here's a guide question on how to window shop in our store. Where do you think you could compare yourself if you're a thing or person? Hmm how can I explain it, let's say, who do you think you are if you are free? What will you collect when you travel and what are the stuff are you interested to know more about? Or just simply, what makes you giggle? Me, when I travel, I collect pipes. But not just any kind of pipe, I only collect if it is a specialty in their country - for example, in the Philippines, we have clay pipes, bamboo pipes and a recycled pipes like made of a used glass bottle. In Malaysia I got ceramics and the hookas made of rubber and clay I think. In Cambodia the pipes are made out of animal horns. In Hong Kong, it is ivory and made of metal and plated gold. And so on and so fort. Pipe hunting is my dad and I's bonding when we go abroad; when I went to the USA, I saw a bunch of China glasses bongs - and they, the smokes shop in Harvard Square to be exact, are already in line to make business with us. Because you can never find any pipe  that I collected in Asia - in USA. Our product is rare and new to them. But exporting Filipino made pipes to USA means a big money(kaya dapat kumuha ng oportunidad na mag-import ng mga meron sila hanga't mura pa). And now, part of "Sétish Crystals" are crystal pipes coming from the United States. Better be one of the first ones to collect even before our president totally stop the trade between the Philippines and the USA. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of our president. I doubted him at first, but sooner or later, I'm starting to understand him. Ok, another topic for this. And I'm no politician. Hehe..

It is fun, because I never had a crystal pipe and I could just collect crystals and maybe learn how to make crystal pipes by myself soon? Or just stick to just collecting crystals as a continuation of my pipe collection. Whatever it will be, it is beautiful that "pipe" stuff reflects the hippie and boho personality of some of the people of this generation. 

Going back to the topic, crystals collection are already in demand in other countries most especially Western countries. Some Filipinos do already. When are you gonna stop spending your money on material stuff that doesn't have a real value? When are you gonna start collecting crystals -when it is already rare to find? 

Doing Sétish is a product combination of passion, time, hardwork and many sleepless nights. Sétish makes Sasha and I giggles. We are soul sisters because we understand each other and we both have the same taste and beliefs. It is like we are long lost sister by soul even if we just meet online via a travelers org and recently just became friends, and now best friends.  We both love everything in Sétish. Sétish reflects our personality. Who we are. I once told her, "Soul, I really believe at Sétish, I super duper love what I do. Like I sooo love window shopping haha and nageenjoy talga ako, this ka definitely a sample of a product of love"...

"Same here soul 💓 All the positive vibrations and powers goes to us! 💓👌🏻😘" she said :) 

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