Why I Built A Walk-in Closet and Turned it Down

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4 years ago, I built one of my dreams. A walk-in closet and a dream bedroom! 
It was every girl's dream. But all of a sudden, I just decided to turn it down. Why o why?! Well, first, I am the kind of person who lost thrill everytime I already get what I want. Yah, it sucks. That attitude, sucks. Looking back at these photos, I somehow asked myself, why the hell did I turned this down?! 

In Photo: My dreamy bed - another room that I turned down

I also have a shoe collection, I have like hundreds of them. I felt like a princess! But all of a sudden, I feel like I want something more again. Shoes and stuff gets older. I got used to having a walk-in closet and I just enter it when changing clothes. And the happiness of having all of these material stuff doesn't fullfill me. 

Yes, it is because it's a fact that you can't happiness on material things. When I was younger, I was so poor as rat that I wanted so many material things. An iPhone, a Macbook, a car, luxury bags, a nice clothes and stuff. Through hardwork, I managed to got them all, not once, but many times! As of today I bought a fourth car. 2nd mac book, and I think, my 8th iPhone, and several luxury bags. Only to realize that all these material stuff was really not a dream. 

A dream is something that will fulfill your soul. A dream is not as shallow as all of these material stuff. These will not make you happy. I want a dream that will feed my soul. 

After I turned my walk-in closet down, I got more serious in life. I made a new space where my heart will giggle. I made a salon so that I could make more money. Yes, money is another material thing, but this is what I need to get out of my comfort zone and take leap of my fate to the unknown. Through my businesses, I started to pack my bags, and travel alone! Today, they call me a "Travel Expert" and a "Serial Traveler". And all the places that I've been will not be replaced by any material things in the world. Travel is my wanderlust. The world is my home - not the four corners of my walk-in closet. Travel has taught me way more a lot of things than what building a walk-in closet taught me; sure I practiced my Architecture and Interior Design skills by designing it. But that ends there. The story ends there. But when I travel, I am infinite and boundless! 

Now, it's been 3years since I turned it down. And the shoes are still on the bix hivernating theirselves until tonight that I decided to sell and/or give all of them to new owners! I am size 5, how about you?  

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