Hello guys! How's eveyone lately? I know everyone's been busy. 
Gaaah... If you're gonna ask me, my hell week has been like 6 weeks straight. My decision to leverage my team. I made the hardest decision in life- to distribute all my assests to the team I founded in one of the brands or business that I founded- which is Terrestrimin. I have given everyone trust and opportunity as they trust me too. I gave them percentage share of my income and only did I find out that it's not an easy decision because everything has restarted all at the same time and it's like a heavy typhoon to me. We are 16 in the board members and we had an urgent hiring and we now have 5 full time employees, 3 OJTs, and several outsources. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I didn't think and realize that this will be huge like this. Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing, and the only problem that I have is the TIME. This is the point in my life where  I feel like sitting down in my chair facing and working in front of my laptop for 13hours feels like only 1hour. Can you imagine the value of time for me? With lots of things to do, people to train, decisions to make, priorities. Gaaaah... Sometimes I'm getting crazy and there's even this moment that I just cried in front of my friends telling them that I'm reallt having a hard time. We needed people in just a snap of decision that Inmade. How I really wisth to have 9 bodies. 

Well, why am I talking about this, because tonight/today (3:31am) whatever it is, I am going to talk about Sci-fi and technology. And 70% of my task as a CEO involves technology. 

I'm a millenial CEO, and gone were the days where we need to go to the office, work, and market physically. Now, we can work everywhere and I developed a very new system where we could maximize the TIME and the productivity of a person- through technology. Though it needs a lot of trainings and introduction to be achieved successfuly. I will make another blog post about this and let's go now to thw main purpose of my blog.

Well, I come up with this post because exactly 1 year ago, I've written a movie review about one of my all time favorite movie- EX MACHINA. And almost aroubd 1 year ago as well, facebook reactions have been tested and ran in facebook. Did you even imagine that it's been a year? Do you still remember the first time you've encountered, tried or learned about it? I still do! :)

And guess what? With in that one year, I've also learned lot of insiders and new facebook tricks. TIME REALY FLIES SO FAST, INDEED. 

Enough with the blah blah... Here's what I will be sharing :)

/////December 2, 2015///// 
 I watched "Ex-Machina" for like 2 months ago and I am still fascinated up to now by the movie's plot and execution.

It is now on the short-list of my favorite Sci-Fi movies together with Interstellar, Artificial Intelligence, and Elysium :) 


In this movie, the thing that caught me the most is the idea of the Artificial Intelligence whose mind is made up of all the datas and informations that can be found on a search engine like google. Also, the "turing test" and the explanation of the "automatic art" painting, and the reminiscent of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," are just some of the other movie ingredients that has caught me. This movie is exceptionally well-done! 

It is so "intelligent"; to think that social media can change our lives and it is so creepy to think how powerful it is to control, and study people's mind and brain to the point that an idea was created or vissioned, that it is possible to build an Artificial Intelligence that consists of google-sque  mind. Which according to the movie;

"Here's the weird thing
about search engines.
It was like
striking oil in a world that hadn't
invented internal combustion.
Too much raw material.
Nobody knew what to do with it.
You see, my competitors,
they were fixated on sucking it up
and monetizing via shopping
and social media.
They thought that search engines were
a map of what people were thinking.
But actually they were a map
of how people were thinking.

Imagine having a human-like robot that has a mind like that? 

I've been a partner/employee of google Adsense before; and it is beyond amazing how they can execute transactions outside the world wide web and can still give the most confidential informations or passwords to a specific person or people. The google can send personal mails to anyone and anywhere they want. They can track, they can have all the sensitive and confidential informations in the world. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another game changer and a big factor that made me believe that the "Ex-Machina" movie is one of the closest possible A.I. thing to happen in the future. ITs and programmers are really geniuses! Shout out to the man behind facebook, the continuous study and innovations of  your platform gives a very useful data on how the people think and React(just like the new "reaction" feature.) I wonder what would be the next big thing.  

"One day the AIs are gonna look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa...an upright ape living in dust with crude language and tools, all set for extinction," Nathan says this and this leads to the movie's hanging questions:

What is consciousness? How does experience relate to consciousness? How do we define humanity? Is human thought the only kind of thought? Is sexuality inextricable from interaction? Are we being watched? Can we control technology or will it eventually control - maybe even overpower - us? 

Thinking and observing how advanced the technology and the social media and the world wide web now, it is becoming clear to see that we are already on our way to Artificial Intelligence. There are already ideas, answers and solutions on how to create it and make it possible. It made me easy to believe that it's already not a matter of "What if?", but a matter of "When?". 

This is definitely a must watch movie!

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