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First time solo traveler? Worried about being offloaded by immigration Officer? Then this post is for you! 

I've started solo-traveling when I was 19 years old. Luckily, never naman akong na-off load. Actually I have no knowledge about those off-load thingy before. So siguro yun rin yung perks way back time.  Yung innocent ka lang. Because my excitement is pure lang talaga like a first time tourist. Luckily I always bring my papers with me. That time, I was practicing my fashion designing career pa. I only have a DTI that time wala ng iba. And I have my school ID though. And of course, my charm. So ayun, pasado naman palagi :) Sometimes kasi kahit it's not your first time going out the country they are still keen eh. So always be prepared :) 

So ito na, I'm gonna answer one of the most common question I receive. "How to pass the io without being off-loaded?"

1.) Dress Decent
Parang job interview lang rin yan, you should look decent and look may-kaya to support your travels. Dapat magmukha kang tourista since tourista ka naman talaga. Take the chance of dressing up! In fact, dressing up is one of the things I love when traveling, so take that privelege.
2.) Be Yourself
Just be honest. And be yourself. Parang interview lang rin yan sa USA Visa. Honesty is the best policy. Don't be so nervous. Wag kang kabahan, kasi the more na kinakabahan ka the more na nagmumukha kang may gagawin na masama or mag-TNT. So relax ka lang dapat. 
3.) Bring all your supporting documents
Company ID, Certificate of Employment, LOA, if Government employee, yung mga papers coming from gov't. If entrepreneur, dalhin yung mga business papers and all. This is not required but this for backup lang just in case na mag-doubt sila sayo. You have to prove that you have ties here in the Philippines that you don't have to work abroad and leave your country. You can even bring your property papers if you have a house or car here. Why would you even work abroad if you already have a good life and properties here right? 
4.) Organize your documents. A decent person and a professional businessman or employee is organized. Immigration Officers observes people. They are psychologists. Yung pagkuha mo pa lang ng documents mo already matters. Use a clear book, put labels.. You should look like a fine lady or a fine man when getting your papers hindi yung magkakalag-lag laglag pa ung papers mo and hindi mo mahanap yung hinahanap mo. 
5.) Clean your phone. Yes, we have a client once, the io even checked her phone, and there's this conversation with her friend stating that she have plans working abroad. So off-loaded sya lalo. I told her na io shouldn't do that because it's privacy, but yes they do that. There's an instance for me naman, that she was looking for pictures of me with my boyfriend in my phone. Kasi medyo doubtful sya na boyfriend ko yung kasama ko or what. haha! So yeah, they are checking phones. So delete delete ng mga hindi dapat makita ha, yung mga scandals nyo dyan loljk. 
6.) Make sure that your passport is no less than 6 months before expiry date. Yes it's important too! Although one of our clients made "lusot" naman out of this. Pero muntik na rin syang ma-off load. But still, renew na agad ng passport :) Don't risk! 
7.) Make sure you have your return flight tickets and your hotel reservation. This is self-explanatory hehe...
8.) Be Confident. Be knowledgeable. Yes, every traveler must be knowledgeable. You should talk smart. Bring yourself. Ikaw talaga magdadala sa sarili mo, even though you don't have all the documents needed but if you are sure enough that you will come back, then be it. Some of the Immigration Officers are "mapansamantala" to make money. So wag kayong papayag. Be strong. Panindigan nyo that you will just go there for a tour. 

9.) Be Nice and Charming. Yes, because a pro traveler are nice and friendly. They know how to start a conversation and all. So una pa lang, greet them na agad with a simple Good Morning, and SMILE :) 

Photos are from some of my solo-travel journeys ❤️


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