This was actually a late post. I posted this specially for the 420 event last April 20, 2017 on my facebook account and I just realized that I didn't put it here in my diary-blog.  So now, I'm just pasting everything I've written on my facebook. To see all of the photos, please check out this link

Read until the end to know why hemp is a big factor in business and why it's illegal.

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Ughh it's been exactly a year! sharing with you how I celebrated my 420(platinum kush babyy)! last year in a city on which it is legal...People smoking herbs on parks, on campuses(Harvard yes!), even inside the train(which is not legal ofcourse but I encountered someone) is normal! They are even offering classes! It's a medicine! Used for textiles, skin care products, gasoline, paper products, foods, animals, etc.  It is not legal because companies(especially pharma companies) will lose billions of businesses because people can plant it and will not buy medicines anymore! It is proven! It is 💯 Organic! It is made by GOD!  Imma living proof from its benefits! Don't use it for recreation. Be educated!  It is dangerous if you're not educated. It's my opinion based on my own experiences! Wouldn't be in the position in my life right now, without the help of hemp! 

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don't have to be! Before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean!" -Bob Marley The Legend

No hate, just love!  HAPPY 420 Stoners, Hippies and Gypsies! Peace and One Love! ❤️👌🏽🍃☮️

#HempIsAnEyeOpener #DontJudgeIfYouDontUseIt

Boston! The real life Enchanted Kingdom! I will prolly make a seperate post about my Boston Experience Soon!! 
Why does people from Harvard (students and professors) are supporting hemp? Aren't that Harvard is  the best school in the world? Why do they have smokes shops around the campus!? So are you telling me that I'm a fools because I smoke hemp? Well, think again! 

yes yes!! It is 10x stronger than cotton!! You can make clothes out of hemp and definitely way much stronger!! 

yes, they even offer classes! Just like them, I also believe that you need an education before using or taking it. Because if you do, you will definitely get the best benefits out of it!  Hemp has a THC and THC can make your right brain becomes more active and it produces creativity!!  Would you believe if I tell you that it could make you smart?  

So why is it illegal? Because a lot of businesses especially pharmaceutical industry will be bankcrupt! Because imagine if all of the people could just plant our own medicine? 
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