Need to post this now before matambakan ng backlogs... Because we're off to a beach again today :) So this photo diary was during our part 2 of our Holy Week Escapade. Part 1 was at Laki Beach Bataan (see post here). After we went to Bataan we drove back to Manila fetch my brother and his family and drove all the way to Zambales. We spent a peaceful and relaxing getaway at DLC Private Resort in San Juan Palauig. Habang super crowded sa lahat ng places that time, kami solo namin ung place...  Kami lang yung tao but with different species/animals. I'm lucky to have a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Uncle who owns this place where we could crash in anytime for free! It's just 30 minutes boat ride to Magalawa Island and a few kilometers to Mt. Tapulao! 

If you are looking for underrated destination I recommend Magalawa Island! White sand beach na super crystal clear water pa! Pwede rin magcamping! 

P.S. Only vegan foods are allowed here! Yep they are vegans and hippies! hehe... 

Read the photo diary and know a little bit about the DLC Family :)

Having fun at Magalawa Island! 

This is at DLC Private resort and here's the boat we use going to Magalawa Island
Crystal Green Water On the way to Magalawa Island 
Transformed to  Blue Water when approaching Magalawa Island!   
You will get awed when approaching Magalawa Island because of the blue waters and the fine white sand beach! 
Look at the water! Super Crystal Clear!! 

Now, the following photos are from DLC Private Resort :) 
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