Exactly 2 years ago(thanks Facebook for reminding me)my family went to Kota Kinabalu Sabah Borneo Malaysia. And I was surprised that it really looks like the Philippines except for the fact that they speak Malaysians. But the nature, natural resources, houses, natives, foods and souvenirs are just likely the same in our country. And the reason is that, it is really part of the Philippines, a part of our map. There are a lot of OFWs there and they say that you could go from Mindanao to Sabah Borneo by riding a ferry. 

Mt. Kota Kinabalu is the reason why I didn't appreciate the glass garden dome of Garden's by the Bay in Singapore. It is the somehow the man-made forest version of Kota Kinabalu. Like you know, I've been to the original version so of course I like the original than the man made. There are a lot of species, plants, fruits in which every single things were being discussed by our tour guide. Which I think,our country could also do to improve our tourism. 
It's been 2 years already and I cannot remember all the details of the trip. But what I love in reminiscing your travel memories is that there are always something that you can remember on the trip when you've heard of the country name. 
 My favorite part of this trip was our hike to Mt. Kota Kinabalu. We  crossed the highest and longest hanging bridges in the world. I was freakin scared! But it was a thrilling and awesome experience! And our family bonding was hilarious! Hahaha! We finished our hiking in a spa bath and of course, body massages every (every night)! 
Another experience that I couldn't forget here was the Mari-Mari Village, it is very informative, we learned everything about how they live, how they cook food, their Architecture and the space's purposes with actual demos, and lastly, The have a lot of activities in which you could experience their lives yourself and the best experience was when we all have a jumping fun in their trampoline that is made of wood and is being used for their competition. Their traditional dance is also tinikling sa kawayan but we call it differently. I am also one of the representatives who tried it on stage! Haha!
Island Hopping, Parasailing, Snorkeling, and Ziplining, Firefly watching were also the highlight of the trip.

The sunset cruise was stunning! And I find it very romantic if you're with your special someone. 
Nope that's not my boyfriend. He's my brother :) A Youtube Star, the person behind the camera of Hulyan and Maya, one of the biggest kids You Tube channel in the world with Billion Hits! Watch them here:

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