It's been a year and a half since I changed my laptop's wall paper. And I never changed my laptop's wallpaper ever since I bought it  So I decided it to change it this time of my life. And now, I would like you to introduce my life inside this little powerful(but not as powerful as macbook pro) machine.) 

P.S. The wallpaper below is different because this was the wallpaper that I'm talking about. The first ever wall paper that I had in this laptop. And the screen shot was taken just a couple of minutes ago using some  finger and control commands(why I love Steve Jobs better than Bill Gates).



What did I just say? Just never mind, let's get back to what I've written on the title. That is what is due for tonight. 

Internet, or the world wide web has really a deep meaning... And before we go that deeper, 
let me introduce you my world(some number that I deal with) in Social Media through some screen shots and captions and some conclusion. 


 (since July 2012)

 (since July 2012)

 (since September 2016)

(since August 2016)

Yeahh,, Si I think this would be just a sneak peak. I will explain more further on some other time. But, as you can see, I am more than thankful in starting my blogging life, because as you can see, there is a fruit on what I've planted. I have continuous numbers of viewers coming from the highest authority medias such as Google, Facebook and Huffington Post which is really a great sign that my blogs and/or websites have a lot of value.

I am proud. I deal with these numbers for already 5 years. And this is just the beginning....

I just finished graduating in a costing class, for this travel thing tha we are reinventing. Now, I am going to show you the screen shots that I need to deal with to improve and to learn. 

And it's all about numbers, and datas. It is not about the calculus class that we are dealing in our college classes, but this is about the numbers that you have to deal with during this era. The era of the SOCIAL MEDIA. The era of the world wide web. of the Search Engine Optimisation,  The era on which the people is being categorized as Millenials, Baby Bommers, Generation Ex. 

The era on whic you could classify the people and it's surroundinngs, thinking, and heart. When I seay heart, and duverted to Science, I mean, emotional capabilities. Mind -  IQ, Bran - Knowledge, Heart - Compassion, Love - Love. 

Some of my Harvard classmates call me the Travel Queen. But how is it really to be my life?

My life, is in a Fast Lane. I travel alost every week locally, and every month interbnationally, it is my life. But what is really behind this life?

For the mean time, I want you to itroduce my life behind the keyboard. Behind the computer lenses.  Like, what if, I could give a million dollar, for the person who could just sit in front of me, on what I am doing, typing, thinking, and trying to study about my past, can you describe me and my life?

Ahhhh... Enough with the bla. Sometimes I am being just so none-sense to the people who doesn't even try to have sense but make complaints and explanations fighting for theirselves so that they could be ahead. I got used to it. 

And now, I am trying to focus on where I am good at. On where I am happy doing. I am happy watching tiny kitchen or "Tastemade", but I do;t really love cooking. I live window shopping in minature doll houses but I am not a good wife. Or a good daughter. or a good sibling. or a good person. I am not a good girl for short. 

I am the person who grew up without guidance but with guidance of the people that shouldn't be guiding me. 

Okay, I am high. I fyou really know me or if you really make "subaybay" of my life, you'll know that sometimes I talk like this or blog like this or rant like this  whatever.  The truth is, I am just me, I am just expressing myself when I write. But sometimes I just don;t know how to organize my thoughts. I don;t know what to do first because I am always excited for everything. 

I am excited to share what are my favorite movies.... lately. And fuck. I have a lot of emotional expressions when I watch a movie that I really love, And it is very rare. That's why I always want to write it. But what makes a hindrabnce? Or, more like, what are the hindrances for me to write or express, or, not to become completely happy?

Why is it like kahit aning try mo and pilit mong magkaroon ng buhay na happy ka lang bakit minsan feeling mo, there's something wrong? Kahit narating mo na yung more than pa sa lahat ng mga bagay na dati eh hinihiling mo lang...

And another thing that I want to do, or write, or blog, or talk about, is how I analyze my viewers, sometimes I feel crazy because I have nothing to talk about when I see details, or numbers, or information. that I know no one would be really interested or being eager to learn. Because even me, is having a hard time to understand. 


Another notes written is on the photos...

I write and write and everything I write is me...

Sometimes I feel like a broken machine who just have too much load and information and sometimes being broken that tends to be so noisy. If you get what I mean... >.<

These are the ideas that just came up in my mind before I finally decided to compose this blog post. 

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