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For the adventure seekers who needs a last hurrah this summer, Subic Bay is only a 1 and 1/2 hour away from Manila that you could do a lot of watersports from Parasailing, Jetski, Banana Boat, Hover Board or Fly Board. 

For those who want's to try something new and doesn't experience jetskiing yet and doesn't have much budget, here's a tip. Invite 5 of your friends to join with you. Ride a victory liner bus going to Olongapo- it will cost only 400php Roundtrip. Rent a Jetski at By The Sea Resort Subic Bay, it will cost 2,500php for 30mins; so that's 500php and 6minutes for each. There's a restaurant in front of By The Sea(just cross the road) where you could buy food that costs only 50php. 2 meals for lunch and dinner will cost you 100php.


400php Transpo
500php Jetski
100php Food

TOTAL of 1,000php only and you could experience a watersport activity which everyone thinks expensive. 
After the weekend on which we went to Crystal Beach Resort and Anawangin Cove(see post here), I then went to Subic Bay, also in Zambales, with my brother and my long lost friend Ivan who was having a vacation from Chicago. It was a very spontaneous trip! We just rode a Victory Liner Bus and it was hassle free because the resort that we stayed in was just right on the road where the bus could stop. The ride was 2c longer than the usual though because of the syop overs. It usually takes 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours if you drive for yourself, and it took 4hours when we rode the bus. Nothing was first time for me this time because just like what I've said on my other post, Zambales is a home to me. This was also my 3rd time checking in at By The Sea Resort. But what made this trip special, besides that it was quite a long time since I rode a jetski, was that I was able to bond and play again with my favorite little earthling, my nephew Ethan Hawke ❤️


Now let's look at By The Sea's Amenities



Special Thanks to Ivan and my brother Kevin for the treat!! 

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