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Since the SCTEX (Subic, Clark, Tarlac Express Way) was opened, traveling to Northern parts became much more easier! Do you know that it's only 2 hours drive going to Subic Zambales? Yes it is! And I consider this as the nearest beach in Manila! Well maybe because I'' from the Northern part of Manila(Lucky Me). Once you land at Subic and pass by at SBMA, you will then reach a lot of beach resorts besides each other like By The Sea. (Oh wait for another blog post! I was also there the weekend after this weekend trip.)  Zambales is the province that is really close to my heart. Actually, I even consider this as my province than Pampanga(Pampanga is my mom's province) because when I was a kid till I became a teen, my relatives, special mention to my uncle, always bring us here because they have several properties in Castillejos, Palauig and Gordon Heights. Around once to thrice a year, my uncle always spoils us with staycations and beach bumming around Zambales from 3 stars to 5 stars resort! Yup! Lucky Niece here! 🙋🏻

Thus, Zambales is not really new to me, it's been my home! Once a year, I still always manage to visit and beach bum here. But this year was special! Because the company that we're with are not the usual! Hehe. I was with my mother's family side (Zorilla) and we really do thank them for treating us like prince and princesses!  Special Mention to Tito Rodel and Tita Bern, Tita Arlene and Kuya Daryl for the travel treat ❤️❤️❤️  

It was my first time checking in at Crystal Beach Resort in Pundaquit. It is one hour away from Subic Zambales! It was never on my plan to go there because I think it's overrated since I always see it on my newsfeed. And I'm not a fan of mainstream places. But, sometimes it's cool to be mainstream! And the place is awesome! It's full of Instagram worthy spots ❤️❤️❤️ And what I love the most are their foods! They really have a good cook! Although mind you, foods are expensive there! And they have corkage fees! So be sure to bring some extra cash 💰💰💰   
From Crystal Beach Resort, we rode the vehicles(we brought it)  going to the port; but this time, we're with our tour guide.  It's maybe around 30 to 45 minutes drive until we reach the port. The view from the port is already amazing! For about 40minutes, we reached Anawangin Cove! Unfortunately, Capones Island was closed that time or whatsoever- we didn't make it there. So I just grabbed my old photos from the said island.   
Okay so the last two photos were the throwbacks! Hahaha I was so thin! Ugghhhh so embarrasing :))) Anyways, check out my facebook account and click photos, then click albums, to see more photos and captions about these places!! Happy Travels!! ❤️
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