2 months ago, another set of islands has opened to public. And of course, we are here to experience and discover ourselves. Sitio Iba is just 1 1/2 hour away from Manila. It's in the boundary of Nasugbu Batangas and Cavite! But, the exact place is at Ternate Cavite. It is near the historical and famous kabyiang tunner in Ternate Cavite.  The name of the brgy that we visited was Brgy. Papaya. The 2 major coves that we stayed was named Kabibinawan Cove and Kaintin Cove. These are just so new, untouched and virgin. It is such a new discovery that I think I am the first person to blog this places and I am privileged. 

Sitio Iba, Brgy Papaya in Ternate Cavite has a small community in the island  I as always, I appreciate and love the simple life that they have there. The locals are good people and friendly. There are plenty of sari-sari stores and the prices are not as expensive in other paradises such as Laki Beach in Mariveles Pangasinan(see Post about Laki Beach here).

Our first activity was island hopping and cliff diving. The water is sooo blue and clear that it looks like a swimming pool!! Although the only downside is that since the islands are still virgin and not yet developed, no has cleaned it yet. And there are soooo plenty of garbages that obviously come from Manila. Yeah, the islands are near Manila Bay and Mariveles Bataan. It's also near Corregidor. 

After the island hopping, we ate our sumptuous lunch! Then chill by the beach. It was so relaxing I was even able to slept in my flamingo!

Then they woke me up because it's time for trekking! It's a 1hour trek overall and reaching the destination is so worth it!!! Like, it's literally a HIDDEN PARADISE!!! Like really!! I couldn't explain the ecstasy when we reached the destination. And photos really couldn't justify the beauty in person. I would definitely get back and camp there with my friends. 
FUN FACT: Henry Sy is trying to buy these islands, that's why some of the travelers call it SM ISLANDS. 

If you want to go there, reach DLC Backpackers as this is one of their new destinations :) For only 1500php you could already visit these hidden gems in Ternate Cavite! And wait there's more! It's a joiner trip so be prepared for meeting new friends and travel buddies. Malay nyo, makita nyo na dito yung Forever nyo... hihi

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