Way back 2009, I studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of The Philippines, Makati...

In 2010, I started attending Fashion Weeks...

In 2012, I launched Trishie Couture... And since then, once to 4x a year, there's always an event fot Trishie Couture. Thanks to Philipine Fashion Week because it became part of my learning arena that made me possible to do things for my couture line! 

Today, I'll be sharing with you the things I've learned from attending Philippine Fashion Week! 

1.) The entrance fees are free! BUT! It is an RSVP event so you have to get invited by the Fashion Designers who will showcase a show! You can reach out directly the designers and try if you could score some invites from them. Or, follow the official hashtags in twitter because most of the time, bloggers(like me) and designers, are running giveaways in which we give free invites! But please do take note that that was fee years ago when I was still active in the Fashion Industry- so I'm not so sure what are their systems today. I still do get invites via e-mail though.

2.) Front row seats are reserved for special guests. And expect to witness weird looking attires. But you are in the fashion week! There's no weird attire! And ofcourse, take that opportunity to have a freedom to dress up whatever you feel like! :)

3.) The design collections are always 1 year advanced! For example, today is year 2017, the designers collection will then showcase their designs intended for 2018. So when I say Trishie Couture 2017, it means it was designed and showcased last year 2016. Yup! This blog is a late post! 

4.) Now, I've explained no. 3 so take note of that because it is connected to the most essential thing that I've learned from Fashion Week. And, it is how to be on trend. In every Fashion Week around the world, may it be in New York, or in Paris, to know the upcoming trend is by assesing all the designs of all the designers and finding what they have in common. Then, those things that they have in common would be the trend for next year! And that's the most important part if you want to be advanced on the style trends. 

Because of this, it means that designers, like me, are just feeling free to design whatever they want, because they are not the one who follow the trends, instead, the trends are the ones who follow them! But of course, you have to update your previous collection, or, you could still be inspired on the other trends like the trends on architecture and incorporate it in your designs. You can also get inspirations from the trends on technology, personalities, millenials, etc. 

In my designs, I don't follow trends but I just always do freely what I could do in a piece of fabric and my hands will do the magic and obviously, my designs always showcase my personality :) 

So, let's go to my collection!!

 TRISHIE COUTURE 2017 was launched lasy October 8, 2016, in Tiwi Albay Bicol! I love the fact that I incorporate everything that I do all at once! You know, my passion is traveling and that's what I master, so traveling to showcase my collection  is really a thing for me! Imagine, Trishie Couture reached that far! hehehe... 

Special thanks to JMC productions for doing such a great event! 

Look at the crowd!!! 😍😍😍 I never imagined something in my life that I will do something like this. 


The model on this photo above was one of  the Binibining Pilipinas Runner Up 2014!  I just forgit her name. Who would though that one of my designs will be worn by a beauty queen? 😍😍😍


I hope you liked my latest designs!! ❤️❤️❤️
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