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3 years ago, I crossed Singapore to Malaysia Johor Bahru just to visit the Hello Kitty Sanrio World. Just because I am addicted to Hello Kitty! 

This time, my 3rd time in Bangkok, I finally made it to Sanrio Hello Kitty House! 

(A photo from Hello Kitty Town Malaysia, 3 years ago)
What special about this is that it's not just a house, it's built with a Cafe,  a collector's item shoppe, and, a Spa! 
It is located at Siam Square One. I rode bus number 36, went down at Siam Discovery, crossed the overpass to Siam Discovery, then did walked for like 3 blocks, and at the back of  Siam Square One Mall which faces the street, you will not miss the Hello Kitty House :) 

Sounds complicated for you? Might as well just book a Bangkok package with DLC Backpackers for only 4,500php and Hello Kitty House Bangkok is already included if you want to, for FREE! 💕 


Meals and drinks here are ofcourse a bit expensive. The milk tea we bought costs 150 baht. But who cares? There's no law that you can't go inside and take pictures if you won't buy anything. Besides, there's a shop that you could window shop! 💕

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