BUSINESS TRIP: BANGKOK BUNNY BURROW HOSTEL (How does a business trip works) 

Some of the most common questions that I recieve when I do business trips are: What exactly do I do for a business trip? Do I pay for my flight tickets? Do I wear corporate attire and do a sit down meeting? 

Well, since I am the business owner aka the CEO, of course I have to pay for my own flights. But, one of the perks of owning a travel business is accumulating travel points so my flights are as good as free. So how does it work?  Unlike some employees who are being assigned to do some business meeting or ocular visits to some places(soon we will achieve that peak), As the CEO and since our business is not that so big yet, I'm the one who set for my business trips. I book a flight, and just like everybody else, I wait for flight promos too besides using mg fly points. Once I've already booked a flight, it's time to make business. I have to do a lot of research for potential partners in specific country and create a proposal email to those potential partners telling them that I want them to become one of our official partners but before I offer their product/services to our market, I have to experience it first myself and in return, they may want to offer the service to me, for free. Finalizing a schedule with the owner or just a marketing representative means a success! 
(Photo: With Mr. Porramanun Nonthapun. Owner of Bunny Burrow Hostel) 

One example was my business trip in Bangkok just last weekend. Bunny Burrow Hostel was opened only 3 months ago and it's a good opportunity for them to broaden their networks and expand their partnership to other countries; so, partnership with DLC Bacpackers is a privilege for them so I grabbed that opportunity. Having an ocular visit to their property-hostel and meeting the owner is already considered a business trip because you are doing something for your business and you are meeting a fellow entrepreneur. It's not all the time you will meet the owner of a particular business. Right? :D

I'm an avid fan of hostels hence I founded LMT2 (know more here). And Bunny Burrow Hostel is now one of my favorites! I love their capsule bed setup and how it is very laid back, modern, and cute! Putting a real life bunny would be cuter though hihi. 
Bunny Burrow Hostel provides a key card just like any other hotels (take note, hotels, not hostels) hence the safety and security in this hostel is high! :) Bunny Burrow Hostel also offer a laundry coin service so for those who are staying longer, it's a plus points! Bunny Burrow Hostel also offer free coffee and tea every morning. And you don't have to bring your own towel because Bunny Burrow Hostel provide it too! 
Another thing that I love about Bunny Burrow Hostel is their staffs! They are friendly and they will always greet you unlike other hostels. They also provide lots of resources such as brochures, magazines, etc that would be useful for your trip. In my case, I studied everything, gathered new information and use it to improve our packages. Another plus points for Bunny Burrow Hostel is their cleanliness! They provide indoor slippers and asks to remove shoes and slippers when entering the rooms from 2nd floor to fourth flour! Oh! Before I forget, one of the agendas in business trips is trying (though I've experienced all the packages we offer, myself) our backpacking program again and again and see if there are changes. If the bus numbers, train lines, and maps are still accurate. Because you know, as time goes by, things may change. 
So there you go! If you want to experience the newest hostel in Bangkok, feel free to message one of my agents at :) Know more about this travel innovation at


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