July 1, 2017


When I was young, I really dreamt if becoming a mermaid... My sister even asked my auntie to make me a Mermaid costume! It's not so beautiful as the ones in Boracay thus for me, wearing the perfect mermaid costume was a dream come true! hihi...

Thanks DLC BACKPACKERS for arranging our Boracay trip ❤️
You can find the mermaid rental costume at Station 1 Boracay for 1,000php for 30 mins... I forgot the name but it's a dive boutique... near here:
Thank you so much to my sister Min for treating the clan(we were 22pax) at Boracay! My sister Min and my brother Mark is the only person I know who could possibly treat the clan (20+ pax above) for travel and we are so blessed 🙏🏼 
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