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It was almost exactly 1 year ago when I went to San Francisco, but I never had the chance to blog about it huhuhu... So, it was my 2nd time in the United States at year 2016 and that time, I visited West Coast. I stayed in Los Angeles at my sister's house but I visited San Francisco and stayed with my auntie's house. I took a grey hound bus from 10pm to 5:30am. It wasn't my first time taking a long ride bus since I already took a bus from New York to Chicago, thus, it was an easy ride for me. Grey hound busses have wifi and plugs that's why it's so convenient.

Sun was rising when we are about to reach San Francisco and it was one of the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in my life. I remember that exact moment. I was like literally in a deep sleep mode and the moment I open my eyes, we are passing by a bridge and I saw the beauty of the sun light covering the city of San Francisco. That seconds of memory in my life will not fade :)

My very beautiful cousin fetch me at the bus station. And with in just a few minutes we reached their beautiful home. Oh what a magnificent view from their house! It was on a higher part of the city overlooking San Francisco!

San Francisco has smaller streets and roads, and smaller houses than in Los Angeles. But I find it cuter. I love the random victorian houses that you could find. Houses are closer to each other and I feel like it's a mini version of the buildings in New York. There's a tram and I really love it because I'm fan of classic, vintage, and shabby chic! Imagine how I got in loved with the Victorian houses that we visited hihi...

I only stayed in San Francisco for 2 nights. My family there, Tita Mona, Tito Rey and my cousin Ate Pearl, was was the most hospitable and most generous family who accommodated me in my entire life! They  took me to The Golden Gate, Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay- Pier 39, Lombard Street and Fisherman's Wharf where I saw sea lions, tasted the best clam chowder soup and where my tita gracefully danced in the middle of the crowd with the other dancers-truly young at heart! I also saw The Palace of Fine Arts along the way! I find San Francisco soooo ROMANTIC. The dazzling lights of the houses looks like a twinkling christmas lights while we're on the road, even if it's not Christmas yet. Speaking of the road, there are no dull moments while we're on the road because tito Rey is really jolly and a joker! hehe... Imagine, we are having jokes in English dialect! haha!

My cousin and her friends took me to a night out. And that was one of the most epic night outs that I experienced!!! Like epic! People from Bay area drink a lot! Like a lot! They are professional drinkers haha! We had a pre-game inside the car, drinking jack straight from the bottle! There were already queue outside the bars when we arrived, and I find the bar so laid back but the people are cool af! :D It was like the bars I visited in New York. I really had fun, so much fun, and the rest of the story is a secret haha! But it was definitely one for the books!

On the following night before I go back to Los Angeles, we got dolled up because the family brought me to a very classy hotel- Fairmont Hotel and we ate at Tango restaurant. We had some dinner and wine and watched a show! It was just 2 full days with them but I really felt like I belong to their family. My tita said that I was like a daughter to her. I already miss them! And believe it or not, it was hard to say goodbye to them huhu... They even followed me inside the bus station until I board. Ughhh.. My thank you is not enough to thank this family. You couldn't say anything bad about them. They are a perfect example of a happy family! I love them so much! I am happy that I have a family that could welcome me every time I pass by at San Francisco. I love you Arnesen Family! Until next time!!

My photos doesn't give justice to the beauty of San Francisco. I grabbed some photos from pinterest of the places that I've exactly been!

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