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(Photo Caption: My colleagues discussing something outside Fort Legends Tower)

It was a cold October night, I was wearing an all black attire, a black turtle neck top, an A-line skirt, a textured tights, and a mid cut boots, and topped it off with a black women's Americana. It was a very special day because of a special announcement to my small company. I was running late- the red lights of the queueing cars on the road are flashing through my eyes; yeah, it was traffic as hell! I was looking around the streets and enjoying the lights of the buildings; the people are all dressed up (maybe they are going for a night out), some are wearing corporate attires and maybe just finished their corporate jobs. There are also families- I guess they are heading to Serendra for some sumptuous dinner... These people are adorable! I remember way back time, may be 5 years ago when I was 18 years old, I was a party girl; and Embassy, turned Encore, and now Valkyrie, was my favorite gimick or night out spot because I feel like I am so "sosyal" when I ak there, mingling with other high end people who are just strangers hehe. It was a world class club! BGC is a place for rich people(not a place for me hehe). Ferraris, Lambos, and many sports car are easy to spot. High End restaurants are scattered around. Oh, Bonifacio Global High Street is indeed the most beautiful urban development in Manila. At least I could say that somehow, we have something to be proud of when it comes to sky scrapers.

It's almost 9:15pm... The weather is good, The clouds are out and away. We're almost approaching St. Lukes Medical Center and it's a sign that we're almost near Fort Legends Tower. However, we have to park at the open parking and have to walk. As we walk, you will notice famous companies on each corner, I've already saidt, St. Lukes- then Jollibee and Ford together with Fort Legends Tower along the corners of the crossing streets. Fort Legends Tower's architect was Jose Siao Ling and it is a 28 storey building with 21 office floors and a typical floor area of 1,052 square meters and a total of 41,000square meters. There's a total of 6 passenger elevators. There's a helipad if you will be coming with a helicopter while there's a 2 basemenet parkings and 6 podium parkings if you're coming with a car. There's nothing so much special about the building but I like how it is clad with blue glasses instead of windows. It's trademark on it's structure is the semi-sphere shape on the corner of the most top floor - maybe the 25th to 28th floor.

As we enter the building, I was greeted by the well groomed receptionists.  The lobby is presentable, it's not that huge but walls are mirrors which make the space looks larger. The interior design is mid century modern and  I could compare it to a 3 star hotel. The floors are carpeted and as you walk further and turn left, you will find the elevators. Our meeting will be held on the 10th floor and another well groomed receptionist assisted me to our reserved meeting room. I love how the rooms are separated with glass walls but it still manage to give privacy. Then there, I saw my colleagues waiting for me sitting in a world class chairs. The view is fantastic! I feel like we're an elite! The meeting room is something that you would really make you feel that you're a big person running a big company. I love it. At first, I just wanted a formal meeting room where I could meet my 16 people in a nice and formal manner, and Fort Legend Towers didn't disappoint me and it's above my expectations. The white board is not just a typical white board. It's a glass as well. The tables are hard woods and the seats are upholstered with leather fabric. The environment is sweet and silent that the whole team could hear me even without the use of a microphone. Since then, Fort Legends Tower has become our meeting place every time that I call my team for a special business meeting. It is definitely recommended and definitely my favorite building in BGC!

Check out this blog post too(click link below the picture)! The photo I used for articlr cover was during that day :)

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