War on Drugs is such a very serious topic around the globe. Not only in the Philippines and 3rd world countries, but even in the richest countries in the world. This war started a very long time ago, not only during Duterte's administration, but it's already an issue that cannot and could never be resolved, since way back time.

In my own perception, since before the election, I am not pro Duterte because I am not in favor about anything that has to do with killings or taking away lives no matter how bad the person you think is. But now a days, It is a hot issue or a hot topic and Philippines are even becoming more famous because of it. Most of the time, you will see news about extra judicial killings because of drugs, and if you are keen, you'll notice that it always happens in a low cost, crowded, or squatter communities.

Now, do you think that it is because of the community design on why it is pandemic on those areas? I think not. Wether you are living in a high end executive village or you're living in a squatter's area, drugs are pandemic. Any community involves drugs. The only difference is that people who lives in low cost areas doesn't have to the privilege to get a good education, usually, they don't have manners and breeding unlike those professional people who lives in high end communities. And due because people in low end communities lack education, they tend to do things that are against the law of God and the law of Man because they lack of knowledge about it. However, don't get me wrong, obviously, low end communities tend to have smaller area and spaces but larger population and it is another factor that makes the community prone to crimes.

In the end, I still do believe that the "Most criminal person are not covered with tattoos but wears coat and ties". Regardless of the community that you build, drugs is inevitable. It's just a matter of sugar coating.

P.S. The photo above was taken by my brother as he's a photo journalist who covers and experienced a lot of drug related crimes.
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