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There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines, and Manila, the Philippine's capital, doesn't generalize Philippines as a whole. Manila is just a small portion of our country but being the capital of our country, it plays a very big vital role in our economy. 

When you hear Manila, most of you will probably think of crimes, dirty environment, high population rate, traffic, corruption and many more negative things. But! Do you know that Philippines is now one of the Tiger Cubs of Asia? Rising Tiger countries are the 4 highly developed Asian economies which are Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Now, we have Tiger Cubs which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and The Philippines!

"After years spent languishing behind its neighbors, the Philippines is finally catching up with its fellow Asian tiger economies as it posts some of the fastest growth rates in the world." - Bloomberg 

Our government have plans to make a world class Metro Manila and it's not only our government who's participating in this development, surprisingly, also MMDA. MMDA is planning to make an ITS or an Intelligent Transport System and an RDP or Regional Development Plan. 

“We have completed a first draft for NCR’s sectoral assessment that will go into the RDP (Regional Development Plan). We are now conducting bilateral consultations with different sectors as we delve into crafting crucial strategies for developing the country’s capital, guided by the overall Philippine Development Plan,” MMDA Director for Metropolitan Planning Josefina Faulan said.
She added that the RDP will also be aligned with MMDA’s own roadmap, the Greenprint 2030.
Greenprint 2030, launch March 2012, aims to further develop Metro Manila’s economic potentials and make it at par with the most urbanized metropolitan areas in the world. It is a comprehensive urban development program that aims to transform the metropolis into a highly-competitive and progressive region. 
“It is only timely that we are discussing the PDP—of which, infrastructure development is a key part—as this is the best solution to the heavy traffic that we are experiencing in Metro Manila,” MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said.
Lim added that, while roads, bridges, and modes of mass transportation detailed in the PDP are needed to ease traffic congestion, equally important is the support from Metro Manila mayors to make sure that the plan is translated into local policies and projects.
On the other hand, An Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is an advanced application which, without embodying intelligence as such, aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks.
Below is a chart from Ricardo Sigua from Institute of Civil Engineering of UP Diliman (see the complete study and plan here) on how MMDA will develop ITS in our country.

With all of these plans and cooperation of our government sectors, I really do believe that one day, Philippines will rise as one of the greatest countries in Asia. 


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