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Admit it. I can feel like 90% of my age, are experiencing the struggle. There are different kinds of people who tries different things to earn. To follow their dreams. To do what they want. There are those who feels like their life is a mess and those who feels like giving up. Many are  those who doesn’t love the life that they have and those who don’t know where to start.  Mostly and majority, there are those who struggles financially. 

 My life is beautiful but I do struggle too, I am just wise because I invested a good amount of value and backgrounds for myself to learn and gain experiences which makes me live a life of my dreams.  It was also an advantage for me that I started the agony of life younger than the normal. I'm a product of broken family for those who doesn't know me yet :D Gaaah, life should be interesting!

Today, I could claim that I am living in a dream. But dreams got more bigger and more detailed and with clearer visions. I am debt free and I have financial freedom which is  a proof of a  quality life that convinced me  to give tips on how to survive quarter life crisis and live in this kind of life that you just truly love. Hmmm.. 
Compliments is a thing for me now but it needs courage. Yep it is most of the time overwhelming at the same time hard and scary. After the many attempts to write, inspiration finaly hit me! I am writing it now. And please bare with me if I write it just randomly and not fully and beautifully composed thoughts. 

P.S. Please read this post here 10 STEPS HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR. This was one of my published writing that received plenty of compliments. And I thought of writing another segment of this which I will entitle:


It's been 2 years since I’ve written something like this about life. ! So many things happened! So many places travelled. Like OA talaga sa happenings! Pregnancy, motherhood, change of career, marriage. It's mind fucking. But fun! Better to recap some of the new lessons we've learned. 

  1. If you love what you do, things are fast. And if you don't things are slow
  2. It's okay to fail. 
  3. People come and go.
  4. You'll only find something you're better and good at, if you try :)
  5. SKILLS. A person should know where you're good at. Wether you're a high skilled diploma holder or not,  you have skills that you could choose to master and be expert with.  
  6. Always say kind words to people
  7. Travel! It has plenty of advantages which I have already tackled and posted many times. Care to stalk me? hihi.. 
  8. LGBT symbolizes Love. Each of us is unique in our own ways. No religion could judge us. I've once had this "Facebook Battle" experience happened in some of my Facebook groups with 20k and 60k members- kinda huge group for me to be humiliated-but thankfully not a loss.  Apparently, all of my bashers from this group humiliated me and no one even backed me up. I was so triggered that moment that I answer and attack everyone of them as they attack me. To cut the long story short, my opponent so happened to be a gay host and a basher that I named "Mr. Professor" put AIDS into the spotlight. I have never had the chance to explain myself on that matter because I was kicked in the group and my posts was turned down. As far as my knowledge about this has reached, what I know about AIDS is that AIDS is one common disease for people who do dirty sex. Buts are dirty. Right? I think a disease is something you could prevent. I have an opinion on this matter but it doesn't mean that I hate LGBTs. I have gay friends too, and they are classy and clean. I didn't mean to offend anyone pero meron lang talagang mga gays na pakawala na with dirty mouth eh-just like this host nga. Pwe. Lol. Hmmm.. AIDS is something that I never had an issue in my life so if you have an issue about it, I think I'm not the right person to talk to. I honestly don't care. Okay enough. So, guess what my friends, plot twist of the story- 24 hours didn't pass by yet, karma hit this bastard back. He was bashed with way more than many people than the count of those who bashed me :) 
  9. Embrace your boldness. Be confident! Receiving compliments for me is normal. But sometimes, these compliments makes me weaker because I am afraid that people could judge me as mayabang or what. Sometimes too, I feel ugly. Sometimes, because of all the good things you receieve and is happening- you'll get afraid that something bad could happen because I believe that it is always balanced.  Sometimes,  I'm afraid that people will not read this. People will not listen. I am always afraid of being wrong. For these I conclude that this tip is I know neccessary but it is something that I haven't work out yet, but I am practicing this. You know, I want to channel the inner spirits and energy of the SEX and The City casts! 
  10. Find manifestations of your goodness! 
  11. HAVE FAITH! 
  12. Family is family. At the end of the day, they are those who will help you. And it is a nature to all the families that exist in this world to have a misunderstanding. If you're younger, just listen to the older. But do not be afraid to express yourself and be who you are. I sometimes felt that I was a black sheep in the family. But I've learned that as the youngest, you have to make the move to approach and forgive those who are elder than you if there are misunderstandings. 
  13. On the other hand, I've learned that it is ok to just let go of what makes some of these family dramas affect you. What's always important is your relationship with your nuclear family. So, just move on. Just in time, everything will be alright again because time heals. 
  14. There's no such thing as "stuck in life". I know plenty of people who "take the leap of fate into the unknown". I wouldn't forget that I had this quotation as one of my cover photos. Awhile ago, my cousin told me that there's nothing impossible that I could become something anything I want. “Si ate trish yan eh” she said. And yes I agree with that. I've already tried so many things in my life. Yes, I am limitless, yesterday I'm a travel entreprenuer, today I'm a wedding planner. And it's not just me. It could also be you! Just don't be afraid. As long as you have the passion on what you do, you can never fail. You could always become who you want to be - I promise! 
  15. We are all COURAGEOUS. We have different form of COURAGE. And whatever status we have in life right now, from time to time, we should try something new and different in our own courageous way. 
  16. It's ok to make mistake. But it is wise to learn from it. And when I say you will learn from it, you'll learn from it by assessing it. Asses and ask yourself on how you've learned from it and HOW it could be a change. Many people have a mindset that they learn from their mistakes. it's easy to say but it's hard to do. Sometimes you have to prove things to yourself. And you'll only measure it and prove that you've learned if you didn't do it again or if it didn't happen again. Don't make the same mistake twice. 
  17. Be a good example. Who you are makes the people around you especially those you train to become who you are as well. Treat them on how you want them to become. 
  18. The amount of problems in all walks of life of people, are equal. Just like my auntie once said "Kung problema ng ibang tao piso, kami milyon. Pero lahat ng amount ng problema, pantay pantay". However, yun nga lang, just like what a coach that I looked up to before, has said, "It's much better to cry in a ferrari than a toyota". I believe I have said this on my blog many times now. But it's always a good reminder for us toJUST BE CHILL. RELAX. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. I PROMISE! Just look at my life I had before from my life I have right now. 
  19. There are witches! Enemies and bad people are real. But we cannot do anything about it anymore and just LEAVE THE DRAMA
  20. STRATEGIES. Have a game plan. There should always be! Buy a pen and a notebook now! 
  21. BE Organize. Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is something that is really hard for me to work out (but mind you, I do organizational charts and materials more than you, I swear!) because as time goes by, as you continue to purchase things and invest,then things that needs to be organized are getting plenty. So from time to time, do general cleanings and re-arrangements. 
  22. Please learn GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT. I believe that it's the law of what's right and wrong that all of us should practice- better than religion. I was once lack of manners on the past. And it takes practice. Start now. 
  23. Learn The Beauty of Conversation. Compose yout thoughts. Compliment someone, strike a conversation. You will never know what you could talk about and what ideas could be made. 
  24. Let go of things that makes you feel down. 
  25. Accept
  26. Help in whatever ways you can, big or small. 
  27. Be a blessing to others. 
  28. I don't know. That 3 words could kill life. Watch this movie about a submarine entitled U-B210 something- the name of a German submarine during Hitler's time. 
  29. INVEST. Yep. It's a trend today, And it's beautiful! If someone is offering you a financial investment insurance, give them a chance. Learn from it but be careful in choosing the right person to trust. Choose a financial advisor that you think knows what they're saying and know what they do and will explain to you the right things you should know. Know the pros and cons, Not only the pros. Doubt on those Financial Advisers who will not explain you the cons and mislead you to bite the trap. Investment is a commitment so be wise. However, Investment is not only financially. As I've said on my introduction, I invested a lot for my self. I studied many things ballet, piano, cheerleading, modeling, and many more (Thanks to my family who always just supports me on whatever I want in life). Invest on things that could help you grow as a better person and on things that could  make your money roll and on things that could save you and prevent danger. Besides from gold jewelries, I invested on beautiful decorations, chairs, flowers and many beautiful things, I play with  it with love and passion and boom! the money comes back double or triple!
  30. HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUNDS. I have a bank that I couldn't withdraw via ATM. I deposit funds there from time to time and the only wa to get the money is over the counter only if a severe emergency happens. It's like a bank-with-no-atm hack so I'm sure we couldn't touch it. We deposit money there from time to time too so it grows. I also buy and collect gold jewelries (also a good form of investment) whenever I have extra money because life is circle-"bilog ang mundo". sometimes you're in top and sometimes you're in bottom. And my golds already saved me lot of times since 14 years old. My sister is the one who first gave me a gold jewelry as a gift and taught me the pawning business! And it works! A beautiful emergency fund that "fluctuates". :D I hope I used the right jargon word hehe.
  31. MUSIC. Music is so beautiful. It is always lovely to know an instrument and play it from time to time. It heals. And this is something that I really want to work out. Piano is a hardest lessons I ever took!  Tho, I listen to 2 songs right now - Moon River by Audrey Hepburn, and she is my current icon. Sa kanya ko pinaglihi si Athena hehe. And yes, I believe it's healthy to have icons :) 
  32. CHARACTER- Build your character. Your unique "you" character and embrace it. Read books about it :)
  33. DRESSING UP IS A FORM OF MANNERS AND RESPECT. Learn the basics of FASHION. I was once bashed as baduy and jologs. Hehe.. But today, I always make sure I look decent when facing people especially clients. 
  34. BUILD COMMUNITY. More on this sooner.
  35. Don't put hate on your ex lover. They're beautiful! One of my ex boyfriend was my husband's best man during our wedding. Maybe because, I've built a good relationship on them both and respect is never ruined. I have an ex lover who grow maturely enough to taught me things he learned from school and life; He taught me to build a community and how to have delighters. Apparently, 3 of my exes have families now- Same year as I built mine too!  And I am happy for them as they are happy for me too <3
  36. Religion is it doesn't matter what you believe as long as it is true to you and who you are. And also you shouldn't push it to anyone. It's ok to believe on something that doesn't have a scientific fact as long as it makes you happy and feel secure. I always believe that God always guide us because I am a good person and have a kind and passionate heart. 
  37. I think as long as people  are happy and in love, get married. No rules, no law. It's love.
  38. Today, my husband and I received a compliment from a friend. "Ayos yang ginagawa nyo, ang pagtulong sa kapwa". I guess everyone of us should do that too. Because in the end,my fellow Filipinos, tayo-tayo pa rin naman ang magtutulungan :) 
  39. Love your Mom. Even if she doesn't show it, you don't know how much they worry every night just for you to be safe. She's always afraid to lose you. I'm a first time mom and this is how I exactly feel about Athena and never in my life I  imagined that I will be feeling this way.  
  40. Lastly, HAVE A DESIRE. Let me hang you up in there; this could be something you look forward to in my blog. I will write a separate post about it. DESIRE. Such a beautiful word! 
So I think that's it for now! I am so happy for this day <3 We had a wedding event awhile ago and it run so smoothly and now I was able to finish something in writing. Hopefully, I could do writing more often. Sometimes, you write not because yo’re inspired, instead, most of the time, I   write to destress but they’re all broken thoughts. If only you could read my notes! My goal now is to just write and publish and move forward kind-of-writing. I really want to write and I have so many topics in mind. I just always don't know where to start, how to start. But yeah, this did it! I've written something! I hope you learn something from it and I hope I touched your hearts without putting any hate, jealousy and anger. I am tired of bashers and haters. I just want peace and a safe family. :) 

Hey, thank you for reading up to here! I'll get this chance to promote what I'm up to in my life right now... If you know someone who'se getting married, girls guys or gays, please refer me! I promise, we deliver WORK. Hard work as one of our client's testimonial :) 
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