"The capacity to Learn is a Gift. The ability to Learn is a Skill. The Willingness to Learn is a CHOICE" -Brian Herbert

I blogged about SOFA- School of Fashion and the Arts. If you haven't read it yet, click here.  

It is true that I love learning! It is one of the investments that I am not hesitant about. 

This time I will be blogging my experience at Enderun Colleges. There's no such degree for becoming a Professional Event Planner. But there's a thing called "CMP" or Certified Meeting Professional, an initials that can be added into you name just like the MD for doctors. Of course, you have to be a real "Professional" by obtaining that. You have to take a course, and pass the exam! 

Enderun Colleges, in partnership with Philippine MICE Academy (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events) holds a program for those who wants to become a real Professional Events Planner and obtain that CMP. 

The program is called PROFESSIONAL EVENTS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM and it is divided into 5 courses that you can finish in 1 year. 

  1. Risk Management, Financial Administration, and Site Management
  2. Strategic Planning 
  3. Event Design
  4. Stakeholder, Staff, and Volunteer Managemeent
  5. Event Marketing 

As what I told you on my last blog, I love taking programs and courses that helps me improve my skills and knowledges to improve my business. So when I heard about it, I didn't have a second thoughts and enrolled. I finished the Risk Management, Financial Administration, and Site Management course and I can say that the "Enderun Experience" is really worth it!

Unlike SOFA in where we had only one professor all through out the subjects and classes, here at Enderun, we had different professors and speakers. 

Again, I love taking specialty courses because it teaches us the technicalities and direct informations that you can never find online. Speakers shared about their real experiences and it is amazing to hear! 

Only after I joined this class, it's the only time I realized that "Safety" is important and I valued the safety of my people even more. We also have a "Professionalism" subject that taught us Ethics and Manners. I've learned a lot about contracts which helped me a lot in dealing with my difficult clients. It's a whole day class and you will be surely loaded with informations!

And the best part is, the foods are world class! Hehe... I met different people in the industry coming from different countries and cities. Yes, they fly all the way to Manila just to take this course.

I still have to finish 4 courses and I love it because I can take it whenever my time permits me to do so. You are never late to take up this course! I even have classmates who are already in their 40s! 

So yeah, it's always better to be armed with education so that people can trust you more. 

Will you be my classmate here? Hihi...

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