How Did I Overcome Quarantine Anxiety?

by Trishie Dela Cruz, 12:47:00 PM

Around almost 2 weeks ago, I've written this on my Facebook's wall:

QUARANTINE ANXIETY(Speaking my mind) 

During the first weeks, I was calm and staying positive in this quarantine. I looked at it as an opportunity. Did a house general cleaning and was able to update some business stuff and all that. I embraced the fact that I could finally rest myself in the world- with a perfect excuse. But as it takes longer, I am getting more and more anxious 😞

•I feel worried everyday I get up. I am still not used to this-doing nothing and no schedules nor plans. 
•Everyday, I wake up feeling like I am missing something that's need to be done. 
•But at the same time, I am not so in the mood to work. 
•I wake up late. I sleep late. 
•I feel worried of the uncertainties.
•Like, will it get back to normal? 
•There are no events on May and June due to rescheduling and cancellations. What shall I do? Will I still have meetings and all that? 
•Lahat ba kaya ng ginagawa ko for the business, will be worth-it and will it get results after the quarantine? 
•I need to do something productive. Like I don't want to stop doing something productive. 
•1 month, 2 months, we can still pay the F*** 60k+ monthly rent of our store, but what if the quarantine's extended? And yet they have no mercy and is not waving the rent. Plus add up all our monthly bills. We're doomed! 
•There's no where to buy yakults and stick-O. 😞 
•I have a broken sleep and I can't sleep at night no matter how hard I try. :((
•I have so many things and ideas in mind that I could do to improve business, but I am not inspired anymore to even just turn on my laptop. 
•Even if I indulge myself in KDramas, angdami ko pa rin iniisip :(( 
•I badly want to work out but I am not inspired and motivated that I couldn't even put my ass in that jogging pants. 
•My husband's so busy in his business which is doing great this quarantine, wala na kong makausap 😭  
•I only get peace of mind when I play with Athena, pero ngayon even if I play with her I am still anxious with so many things :(( 
•Angdami kong non-business related inbox but I am not so in the mood rin naman to chat kahit kanino.. 
•Got tired of scrolling newsfeed and hearing news and updates...
•Stress reliever ko Lazada shopping like toys for Athena pero di naman sila makapag-deliver :(( 
•Most of all, clients, clients! Sila pa rin lagi ko iniisip and our postponed agendas 😞 

DAMN. I want to get back to the NORMAL LIFE! This quarantine is killing me! 😭


Fast forward to today, I am super inspired and motivated! How did I do it?

1.) RELAX - yes just relax. I tried to just think and tell myself that everything that I feel like doing is okay! And normal. Do not force your self to do things that you are not interested to do at the moment.

2.)SPEAK YOUR MIND - To be honest, what I posted on my Facebook's wall helped me. There are some who responded and tell that they feel the same. It comforts me to feel that I am not alone.

3.)HAVE A SENSE OF SECURITY - "Babe mabubuhay naman tayo diba kahit stop operations lahat ng business ko? Andyan ka naman diba?" I used to say this to my husband and of course yes, his business is doing good and even though all else will fail, he got my back! So yeah, have a conversation with your partner, your family, or to anyone you're comfortable with and ask them to tell you that you'll be okay! It helps :)

4.) FIND SOLUTIONS- instead of just killing yourself overthinking, stop reading news for a while. Stop browsing your feed. Stop watching other people's
lives.  Do research, find opportunities, re-plan, back to basics, figure out what's missing. 

5.) BE INSPIRED!- There are things out there that will make you inspired which is just there but you are just blinded with overthinking. For me, it's Athena. I launched my jewelry line @athena_classics and @athenna_bridals because I realized that this is not the end of the world! There is a new norm, yes, but we can all adopt for sure! This new norm made me realize the importance of online presence. That's why I grabbed this opportunity to start my dream businesses and market online :) 

6.) GO FOR THE GOAL - Set a timeline, just like what I've said, this is not the end of the world! Super haba pa ng panahon! Narealize ko, angbata bata pa ni Athena. Magiging tita kasing tanda ko pa mga tita ko. I'll be a grand mother too! Anghaba pa ng panahon. So what do you want to happen for these long years? After 5 years who are  you na? 10 years? 20 years? Set your goals! This will surely make you inspire :) 

7.) PRAY- of course, this is the most effective part. Always ask God to remove all your anxieties. Pray together with your family and say your intentions specifically. My family practiced praying before meals, including Athena. And this is what I always pray "Lord, salamat po sa lahat ng opportunities na binibigay mo samin, sana po ay bigyan nyo ko ng inspiration na magawa yung mga bagay na ginagawa ko. Gabayan nyo po yung asawa ko sa trabaho nya pati na rin ang mga tao nya. Si athena po sana palakasin nyo kumain para tumaba. At higit sa lahat, ilayo nyo po kami sa sakit". Yes, I always pray long, most of the times longer than this! My husband knows! Hehe... And it's effective!
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