SOFA- School of Fashion and the Arts' Short Courses

by Trishie Dela Cruz, 6:17:00 AM

Hey girl boss! How are you? Finally I'm back! If you're a follower on my instagram (, you'll know that I was revamping my blog! After some reviewing about htmls, I finally did it! 

I was also thinking anout what to blog, then suddenly, I came accross on my instagram feed planning post, and this photo was next on the boat. So yeah, SOFA-"School of Fashon and The Arts"I was in my high school, I always dreamt of studying here. 

I saw an advertisement that they offer short summer courses. That's why I didn't miss the opportunity! They offer the classes seasonaly and I was lucky that I get to enter the Interior Styling subject! I wanted to get in a fashion subjext at first. I even attended the first day! But I realized I wanted something that relates to my present work (venue stylist), so I could increase my skills. 

It was fun! I learned about the market, about the technicalities of design, and some things that are new to me. Some was easy because I have a background(I studied Architecture), but most of all, it was a very hands on class! 

Will definitely enroll for another courses! Would you like to become my classmate? Hihi.. 

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